Wondershare MobileGo Review: Makes managing your android phone easy

Have you ever felt that taking regular backups and managing apps on your phone is a tedious task?

I bet that most of you did.

If you are not new to the smartphone world then you know the importance of regular backups but not many of us do it at fixed intervals. The problem is that one can’t take backups of his phone effortlessly.

Wondershare MobileGo for android is a very easy to use software which can be used to manage your android device right from your computer (Windows/Mac).


In order to start managing your phone from your computer you have to enable USB Debugging mode from your device and install MobileGo app from the Google Play Store.

You can connect your phone either via USB or via WiFi. The PC application will detect your device within a few seconds and you’re good to go.

It failed to detect our Sprint Edition of LG Optimus G so we had to do the reviewing on our good old Samsung Galaxy Y.


User Interface

It has a very simple but highly functional UI. The 2 column design uses the left sidebar for showing shortcuts to all the functionalities of the apps. The right column is used to display the actual interface of all the functions.

Now let’s see what all is there in the sidebar:


Online Resources

This section gives you access to Play Store, YouTube, and Wontube just like you access them on a regular browser.

What I liked about this section is that it lets you add any website to the list. In the screenshot attached you’ll see that I’ve added MobileJury and wondershare to that list.
add any website



It shows the list of connected devices and the functions that the user can perform on them

The Devices section has 8 options to choose from. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Apps– It is sub-divided into 2 sections viz. User Apps & System Apps.

 Right clicking on any app shows option for Uninstall, Export, Moving (phone to SD & vice-versa) and app details. You can even select multiple apps and perform any of the available operation on them.

You can also un-install system apps from your phone but for that you must have root access to the phone.


cannot uninstall system apps

2. Music- You can play, export and set any audio track as your ringtone without even going to the settings. Check the attached screenshot for supported audio and video formats.

Music options

3. Videos- The video files on your phone are sorted and displayed folder wise below the Videos section. Similar to the music section you can either play the selected video or export it to the computer.
MobileGo also converts all video files to .mp4 automatically. You don’t have to worry about converting them for being compatible with your device.

4. Photos- Upon expanding the Photos shows all the folders from which it is showing the pictures in the right column. Check the attached screenshot for more information.


5. Contacts- Selecting and right-clicking on each /multiple contacts will let you do a number of operations as shown in the attached screenshot.

You can also export your contact to a .vcf file, outlook, Windows Address Book, Windows Live mail, Outlook and Outlook express.


6. SMS- You can reply to any SMS directly from your computer. This is especially useful when you have a lot un-read text messages and you want to reply to each of them.

Typing at a full keyboard is much more comfortable than typing at your mobile phone.

You can also export these messages to your computer.

7. Files- It works just like any other file manager on your phone but the main advantage is that now you are having access to your files on a large computer display. This makes managing things easier. All you have to do is just right-click on any file/folder and you can perform many operation like cut, copy, delete etc.

File operations

8. Toolkit- Just like the name represents, it contains all the tools supported by MobileGo. We have covered each tool in the above review.


If you take a look at the toolkit again then you’ll notice that 2 icons will grab your attention. They are:
One-click Backup– It lets you take backup of your phone. You can select which items you want in the backup that you are making and exclude the rest.

1 click backup_content selection

You can also receive calls on MobileGo

Get Root Access– Rooting your android device will grant your admin level privileges to you. You do not need that in most cases but if you really want to get the most out of your droid then rooting is a must.
Just like any other thing, rooting has its own share of plus and minus points. Please go through them before you proceed further.


Summing it up

Wondershare MobileGo is a must have app for those who are too busy to do regular maintenance tasks on their phone. The PC app not only makes easy but also hassle free to take your phone backup, managing messages, contacts and other media files on your phone.

What do you think about it? 
Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  • Mike Lee says:

    Hi Anand Karwa,
    Thanks for the great review about MobileGo.
    Yes, you are right. MobileGo makes managing android phone easy.
    It supports both Android and Windows platform.
    Hopefully one day MobileGo will support IOS device too.

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