Feature phones- The undervalued assets

Technology has become an inseparable part of our daily lives in today’s world. We use technology right from Googling the web for finding someone’s residential address to using a dishwasher just because we are too lazy to do the dishes.

Google has become our second best friend.

I didn’t say that it has become our best friend as it doesn’t visit the police station to bail us out.

We are getting lazier and lazier day by day. Now, smartphones are becoming smarter and smarter and we, the humans, we getting dumber and dumber day by day.

Most of the latest electronic appliances come with an option to be controlled by a smartphone. Yes, smartphones apps are our biggest assets in the digital world. We brag about the apps that we’ve bought in front of our colleagues and sometimes even make a fool out of them.

Who hasn’t come across some solar charging apps which claim to charge your smartphone by transforming the touchscreen into a solar panel? 😀


Before I begin with listing out the benefits of feature phones let us first discuss the roles that our smartphones are capable of doing:

  • Socializing– Social networking apps installed in your smartphone help us in staying connected with old pals even when we have a very hectic schedule.
  • Immersive gaming experience– smartphones games can get you hooked on to them and you won’t realise how time has passed by. Be it the exam time or a boring meeting gaming will keep your mind fresh. Hell, playing games can also keep you healthy.
  • Navigation– Google maps can help you reach almost anywhere in the modern world.
    Just stay out of military bases.
  • Photography– The latest camera smartphones can capture those precious moments with very fine details.Phones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 are there to replace your point and shoot camera.
  • Entertainment Hub– We heavily rely on our smartphone for listening to music, watching a video clip and browsing the web. These 3 activities account for the largest share of entertainment provided by any means in our day to day lives.
  • Time Killers– Yes, the smartphones can act as time killers too. Read the above points again.

Let’s consider a scenario where you are alone and hence are bored. What do you do?
You take out your smartphone and start browsing the web, irritate someone on whatsapp, watch some videos and in the end play your favourite tracks in the music player.

Your smartphone didn’t let you think about the conundrum that you are going through. Let alone, brainstorming your way through it.

Now consider that you are into something very important. You have gone to the suburbs so that you can get piece of mind and no distraction from the outside world. You put everything aside, drink some water and then settle down.
As soon as you start, your phone beeps and see a ping from your crush on Whatsapp. You say, “I’ll answer it first and then get down to business.”

After sometime, you get a notification on facebook. Again, you say to yourself that this is the last time you’re letting your phone distract you and answer it!
This whole process will keep on repeating till you shut that phone.

Connectivity to the virtual world can sometimes get on your nerve and irritate you to the core.

Smartphones help a lot but they do have disadvantages too. Most of them are necessary evil but some can be avoided by using a feature phone along with your high-end phone.

The main drawback of smartphones is their feeble battery backup. This is not much of a concern for Windows Phone and iPhone users but almost all of the android phones are plagued by this issue.

So, you can’t rely on your smartphone for staying connecting whenever you are on a long trip to the remote areas.


And why were cell phones invented in the first place?

To stay connected by having live conversation with someone.

This is where the underdogs- the feature phones, come into picture.

Feature phones have many undeniable advantages over the smartphones. I’ve listed a few of them below:

Superb battery backup– This is the main advantage of using a feature phone over a smartphone. A dual SIM feature phone can last at least 3 days even on heavy usage.


feature phones

Image source: http://twicsy.com/i/zbA3rd


Tough– Almost all of the feature phones are sturdy enough to withstand daily drops and not make you grieve about your dead/broken phone.

feature phones

Image Source: www.funnyjunk.com


Lesser distraction– Well, if you have an SMS pack on your feature phone then they can also distract you but otherwise they don’t cause much distraction.


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. They help us do many tasks easily but they take their toll too.

Feature phones on the other hand function as a source of communication with the world only. You cannot shop online using them but do you remember the main function of cell phone?


What would you like?feature phones

Communication OR over-communication.

Connectivity OR Infinite pings?

Choice is yours.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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