The iPhone Snugg case review

 The rise of the accessory

The mobile phone market in India has been quite dynamic recently. Old champions like Nokia are struggling, while some new entrants like micromax are making a

killing. There are a lot of trends and happenings you would derive if you keep a track on the pulse of the market.

But there is a subtle one that’s had an astounding effect. The rise of mobile phone covers and accessories.

A cover seems like such a trivial thing. After you spend about 30,000 Rs (500$) on a phone, the cover worth Rs 300 (5$) may not really seem of consequence. But my personal experiences told me otherwise.

The visit to a creepy lane

Pune, like most other Indian cities, has its share of small lanes where a billion transactions of shady fakes takes place. These markets are a respirator for the population that badly wants to stay fashionable but does not have the cash to resort to malls.

Well who needs money to be fashionable anyway.

I had the chance to visit such a place under some circumstances which I would rather not talk about. But what I would love to talk about is what I saw there.

Astoundingly a large part of the shops out there were for mobile phone covers.

Nothing but mobile covers.

The Snugg calling

Just a while after this episode of epiphany, we got in touch with the people from Snugg. And they sent us over a cover to try it out.

So now being done with how we got there, lets actually dive into how the cover turned out to be.


Named Aptly – Snugg

The first thing about the case, it fits the name perfectly. The case fits quite securely on the phone. While this may not be to everyone’s taste, if you are looking for something that keeps your phone very secure, look no further.

What really did grab my attention is the depth of thought being put into the case. And since the cover was made for an iPhone, which is a testament to detail, this is really a good thing.

Build, fit and finish

The cover is built well. Most of such covers are built quite flimsily. And give you a feeling they won’t stay snug for long. This does nothing of that sort.

Even the edges where the material is sewed feels durable.

Snug but easy

The case did feel very tightly fitting. And as the instructions say, it will get a little less tight over a period of use. But this does not mean you will have to fiddle to get the phone out. There is a very nice pull out mechanism for the cover.

There are two things I would like to specifically point to in this regard.


The first – The quality of the pull out mechanism is really good. Like a German automobile, it feels like it is built to last. Well done.

The second – A small magnet secures the pull out part to the case. It makes sure there is nothing dangling around. Details like this really impressed us.


Other small but important details

There are holes in the bottom that align with the speaker to make sure you don’t end up missing calls due to a subdued phone volume. And a small pocket is provided to be able to carry a card or some cash along with your phone. Quite handy!

Summing it up

I would have really liked to fault this case, but it stands its ground on most counts. If you are looking for a different type of case where the phone is not as secure you will find this case a bit too much work. But if you are looking for something to secure your phone, Snugg iPhone 5S comes highly recommended by us.

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