Skin4Gadget Launches New Tempered Glass Screen Protector

We all spend thousands on our smartphones. And we repeat it frequently. Looks has become one of the top most priority on any gadget that we buy.

To maintain these looks on the smartphone, we should take adequate precautions to save the device from unwanted falls. Back covers and screen-guards are the best forms of protection for most of the smartphones.

Screen-guards, aka screen protectors, are available in 2 formats- plastic and tempered glass. The plastics protect the screen from scratches but the tempered glass can protect the screen from scratches as well as those sudden accidents which can shatter the screen.

S4G Screen protector (2)

Skin4Gadgets, a Mumbai based E-commerce start-up, recently launched a tempered glass screen protector. Let’s take a look at the important features of this product.

  1. Anti-scratch strength:

    Prevents scratches on the device and more importantly on the protector itself. A good glass film can withstand blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects above the ground scraping.

  2. Smooth feel:

    The experience in browsing through the phone shouldn’t be spoilt after adding the screen protector. The fingers feel the strokes on film glass, good tempered glass protective film feels that it is a very delicate, smooth feeling.

  3. The size of the fit:

    The finishing of the glass is equally important as the looks matter. The cutting is perfect as per the size of the screen of the particular device.

  4. Anti-fingerprint and Anti-oil:

    Fingerprints on the phone screen constantly annoys us. People constantly keep on wiping of the smudges off the phone. This tempered glass protector has a better coating which would reduce the smudges as well as the oil spreads.

  5. Shatter-proof:

    The obvious point of having a glass tempered screen protector is saving the screen from shattering. Tempered glass holds the glass particles firmly and doesn’t let them spread away easily.S4G Screen protector (1)

Skin4Gadgets tempered glass protective film will come with features like toughness, density, strength. As long as you are brave enough, you can use the bent glass film methods to test the quality of the glass film.

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