Social apps are FREE! But Your Personal Data is not just yours…

We all like to install a lot of apps in our android smartphones. We just keep on installing new apps till our phones run out of memory and beg to un-install a few infrequently used apps.

What do we want?

We humans have a tendency to get everything for free. We want games, apps, music and videos all for free. Similarly the app developers just can’t provide us with our favourite apps and get nothing in return. Yes, the free apps that we use on our phones share our data with the developers who in return get money by selling that data.

Social apps and privacy has become the centre of attention for all of us. We don’t even add strangers as our friends just for the sake of privacy but have you ever realized that the app you’re has your permission to share your personal data with anyone  in the world?

social apps

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Do you ever take a look at the permissions that you have to give to the apps in order to install them?

Most of us don’t care about these petty things. Right?


Now get ready to be surprised.

You might not believe but many of these free apps get access to your private data and share it with their servers abroad.

The advertisers then use this data to target/track us.

Even the intelligence agencies buy this data and then get into your private life maliciously.

In this article, I’m attaching screenshots of permissions granted to different social apps by us during their installation.


Here are the 12 most popular social apps and the permissions they need:



facebook permissions




















So, from now on, do check the permissions that the app will need access to before installing it.

Stay safe on the internet!

Featured Image Credit: flickr

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