Women’s Day Special: 6 must have Apps for women

International Women’s Day (8th March) is around the corner. Almost everyday we see that the multi-tasking superwomen in our lives are going tech-savvy. They are eager to match their footsteps with the techy men around them. Here are the list of some apps on Windows Store that would help these women in improving their efficiency & productivity.

Womens day windows apps

1. Spending TrackerSpending Tracker


Spending Tracker, as the name suggests, will help you manage your daily expenses. Women are well known in managing finances. They play the role well in their home budgets. It’s time to go the tech-way in managing your expenses too.

You can manage your expenses in different categories and view it weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also get a graph/ chart of the expenses. This Free app can be upgraded to pro version available at $3.99.

2. Pocket Yogaapps.119.9007199266476444.b58a2ce6-9cee-45f8-b075-e48deaed8f31

Rs. 189

Yoga is the perfect way to start our day with. It keeps us active through out the day. A 30 min to 1 hour session of power yoga is necessary for all the superwomen.

The app comes with a series of yoga steps that you should do. It will show you how to perform each step in the form of an animated video & voice guidance. You can even set the duration of your session.

3. Uberuber


Driving your own car through the cities exploding traffic is always tiring. Get a private car with a driver everytime you’re looking to travel in the city. World’s top on-demand taxi booking service, Uber has its presence in hundreds of cities across the globe. The fares are usually cheaper than the existing taxi services in many cities.

It has also introduced some features which will take care of the security of the commuter. You can share your live ride location with your family members. Happy Riding!

4. Beauty Tipsapps.63247.13510798883008452.d53a269d-622a-403d-b15b-dc69184e4c8c (1)


Beauty has to be the part of any activity that a woman does. This application gives tips on self grooming. There are 4 main categories in the app- skin care, beauty mask, hair and hands.

The application is available free on the Windows Store and a must have for every women.

5. You Dooyou doo

Free (available in-app purchases)

A location based assistant for women that manages your to-do lists, reminders and task scheduler. It has some unique features like live timeline, calendar view, user-defined location, task history, etc.

You can set locations where you do most tasks; one for home, one for work and some more for individual shopping centers, etc. Then set the tasks for these individual locations. The app will pop a notification reminders whenever you are nearby the set location and there is a pending task for the location.

6. OneNoteOnenote


The Microsoft Note application that will help you remember all the tasks. You can write text, add images & voice notes too. You can share this note across various devices easily.

It has a feature where you can send an email to add a note to your into your notebook in case you cannot access the application. One of the feature helps you to clip the website that you are viewing and save it for offline or future read.

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