LG G2 purported Press image leak

The LG G2 has stayed in the limelight since the past few weeks owing the rumours, leaked images and specifications.

According the past hearsays and leaks, this phone is innovatively designed and brings some unconventional but hopefully user friendly design changes to the market.

If the recent image leak is considered genuine (which it looks like) then it can be clearly observed that the side bar is nakedly plane and sports no buttons! Don’t worry LG is not depriving you of the hardware buttons but has placed them on the back side of the device.

LG believes that this clever button arrangement will help users to press buttons easily with one hand. Mind it that these days the displays are getting bigger and bigger and so is the overall size of the smartphones.

Users with small hands are stuck on Blackberry smartphones and iPhones but now they can join the current times and shift to more functional droids.

@evleaks has posted a purported press image of the G2 and yes it looks legitimate.

Other rumoured specifications suggest that it will run on Snapdragon 800 chipset, 5.2 inch IPS LCD full HD display and a Li-Ion 2610 mAh battery.

More updates on LG G2 coming soon after the official launch. Stay tuned.

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