Moto G is a great phone…but should you buy it?

 Moto G was launched 10 days ago and many people still don’t know what it is. Now, if you are in search of a new phone then you have landed at the right place. After reading this article you won’t be in a state of confusion regarding the very hot Moto G.

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You have heard that it is a great phone and all but is it really a good choice? Should i buy moto g

Damn, even the headline of this post says that it’s a great phone but you don’t have to take my word for it.

I am going to make this easy for you. Just read all of the below mentioned points carefully and think about them.


Is value for money everything to you?

This phone undoubtedly offers great value for money but for some value for money is not everything. Value for money is a one time thing. It only matters when you are about to buy something and you would not brag about your phone specs. a year after the date of purchase. Isn’t it?


Peace of mind is also important.

You cannot just buy peace of mind along with your new phone. It comes from the quality of the product and the after-sales support provided by the manufacturer.

Motorola makes quality products. No doubts about that. However, electronic products are not very reliable.

The device on which you’re reading this article will stop working within the next 139 hours! Don’t believe me? Check the latest reports about the effects of changing magnetic fields of Earth on integrated circuits.

Don’t worry, I was just kidding with you. 😀

Were you confident that your device will remain fully functional after 139 hours? You know that your phone is from a reputed brand but you still believed me. Why? Because you also know that electronic components are not very reliable.

What I am trying to explain is, no matter how great a product you buy, it is always prone to failure.

It is always better to buy a good product with excellent support than buy an excellent product with poor support.


Motorola’s service centres are far and few

It is hard to spot a service centre for Motorola mobiles in India. There are only 80 service centres as of now present in 21 states and UTs. This number is expected to swell really soon but there no is list for upcoming service centre locations.

Are you willing to take a risk of buying a Moto phone with a vague hope that their service centre will pop up right in your neighbourhood?

Before you take any such decision do check out their official list of service centres embedded right below:

List of Motorola Service Centres in India

So, if after sales support matter to you and if you are very cautious about spending your hard earned money then only buy Moto G if there is a service centre in your city.

You can always wait for a few weeks for getting your phone repaired from another city but this is a personal choice. We do not recommend this.


Local retailers are always more trusted and reliable

If you agree with the above statement then you are not alone. Millions of Indians still believe in shopping products from their near-by stores. There are two main reasons for it:

  • Your retailer knows you and won’t recommend/ sell you a sub-standard product.
  • If at the all that product stops functioning unexpectedly then you can always lash out at that person for selling that poor quality product to you. 

On the contrary, if you buy online, then you are on your own.

 Moto G is and will be available only on

Disclaimer: I am not discouraging you to shop online. The above thoughts are my own and might serve as a heads-up to some.

If the above mentioned points are none of your concern then you should buy/book a Moto G right now!

 buy it. right now


  16 GB                               8 GB



  • sree says:

    Motorola now belongs to lenovo,so service center availability shouldn’t be a problem.

  • sree says:

    I have always looked up to mobilejury because they review the devices without any bias n more importantly goes in to even the micro details of its various departments and its usability in day to day life but timely reviews does matter n sad to see mobile jury loosing on that front, which is a disappointing trend catching up with the website.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      We get phones from the companies itself. Moto has made flipkart its exclusive partner for selling Moto G in India and that is the reason for the delay in its review. Retailers also don’t keep it on display which makes it even more difficult for us to procure the phone.

  • Vishal says:

    What do you mean “Moto G is and will be available only on”? The “will be” in your statement puzzles me. What makes you so sure that this is not a limited period exclusivity? Is Motorola so dumb that it will depend on just flipkart in the long run, to sell the moto g to this entire country!!

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Vishal,
      This news should clear your doubts.

      FYI: Moto is also bringing Moto X to India. Most probably it will also be available exclusively on flipkart.

      • Vishal says:

        Thanks Anand. Though this article mentions the word ‘exclusive’ a few times, I am still hoping they are referring to flipkart as their exclusive ‘launch’ partner only.

  • vibhu says:

    sir,i was seriously considering buying moto g 16 gb but confused with sony xperia l ,though xperia l is not good as moto g in specs but was looking for a branded phone .so finally can motorola be depended upon?? and since its my first android so will 16gb suffice for me [i m preferring gaming and apps}????needed an expert advice plsssssssss…….help me fast ….
    thnx in advance

    • Sanand Karwa says:

      Motorola is a big brand. Do not confuse it with Chinese brands.
      I don’t know your usage so I cannot comment on the storage, but 16GB is not too less to be worried about. If you store a lot of movies, videos on your device then you should think about getting a phone with expandable storage.

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