Galaxy note 3 will feature a fingerprint sensor : Samsung Insider confirms

Lately many phones are said to be coming out with a fingerprint sensor. Iphone has so far been the leader in the fingerprint sensor buzztalk. But now an unexpected entrant seems to have entered the playing field. The new Galaxy Note 3.

This rumour wont take too long to be conformed given that the Note III is scheduled to be unveiled in a matter of hours. But its an exciting development nonetheless. Well finally something that will be different. To be honest we were disappointed to know that the processor is likely to be the same one we are seeing on the Galaxy S4. But this will open the door to a host of new possibilities.

A fingerprint sensor for transactions and such will undoubtedly be a big boon. But what seems more exciting is what developers make out of this. Like the accelerometer gave a new dimension to gaming.

Also this coupled with the new upcoming version on android – Android 4.4 Kitkat will be a fun combination to look out for!

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