HTC One 2 and One 2 Dual sim listed on French Government website

There are lots of rumours going on about the successor of HTC One. Many sources say that the next phone will be named as HTC One+. We saw a strange thing on French Government website. The phone HTC One 2 and HTC One 2 Dual sim is listed.

HTC One 2

HTC One 2 and One 2 Dual Sim

Actually these phones were listed in a list to check the compatibility of the device for the user. So if we believe in the French government website`s list then this name can be true. It seems evident that a dual sim variant of HTC One 2 is also going to be arrived. There is no further information on the devices.

The specifications and the photos of the phones are not yet revealed. So if this rumour gets true about the name, then users will surely opt for HTC One 2 dual. But the price is the barrier for any customer before buying any HTC device.


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