Hugh Jackman becomes Micromax Brand Ambassador

There are surprises all over the mobile industry. This time Micromax does a surprising move. The so called Indian manufacturer has made Hugh Jackman their brand ambassador. They have opted the X-men star over any Bollywood actor. Unlike other manufacturer companies, Micromax comes up with a strong move in making a Hollywood star their brand ambassador.

 Micromax Brand Ambassador

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is featured in for marketing Micromax Canvas Turbo A250. So it is for sure that Micromax is setting up high spirits in good marketing budget for their upcoming product. Hugh Jackman seems to be convinced about good things about this phone. Why not, after all he is endorsed to be the Brand Ambassador of Micromax.

Akshay Kumar was seen in TV ads featuring Micromax Bolt series. But the speculation of him being the brand ambassador became false. Micromax seems to take a bold step in marketing their upcoming product after the Canvas 4. So there can be more surprises in this mobile market where Hollywood stars are being signed as brand ambassadors for Indian mobile manufacturers. Keep reading daily for the latest happenings in the Indian mobile market.


  • Patrika News says:

    Funny thing to say..Micromax aren’t exactly “manufacturing” their phones in India…the most they are doing is minor assembly of Chinese produced hardware and I mean minor.There is hardly any software R&D…Hugh Jackman is a really weird choice for Micromax’s international branding…the most it’ll do is to increase Jackman’s exposure in India.Maybe bollywood plans too 😛
    Micromax were successful as long as they filled the price niche in India…you think they are going to be successful internationally without software and hardware R&D…well then I’ll be a monkey’s uncle 😛

  • Viv says:


    but nice move I must admit. They are seriously trying to get out of cheap mobile tag. I have personally seen people making faces when they see the price tag on canvas 4 or HD. This might change that a bit.

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