MediaTek working on Cortex A-53 Quad and Octa core chips

The Taiwanese companies have been spitting fire lately. HTC got back to its senses and said that it will focus on mid-range devices too and recently they have announced HTC Advantage program for the US phones. It should come to other parts of the world too. And now we noticed two new quad-core and octa-core MediaTek chipsets based on the latest ARM Cortex-53 listed on Wikipedia.


MediaTek working on Cortex A-53

The MT6732 is quad-core chip and the MT6752 is the octa-core chip.

These chipsets are based on ARM Cortex-A53 cores based on newer V8 instructions. It also made jump to ARM A17 cores by introducing its new true octa core chip- MT6595.

It is worth noticing that MediaTek adopts to new technology very quickly which is good for the consumers but a bad omen for other chip manufacturers.


ARM A53 Features

  • Supports 64 bit code
  • Uses big.LITTLE processing for better performance and efficiency
  • Performance gain of up to 30-40% over the older Cortex-A7 cores
  • 4G support for Chinese and Indian band.


Qualcomm has also announced the 64-bit Snapdragon 410 chipset based on the ARM-A53 cores.

Let’s wait and see who comes to the market first.

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