Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The Ruler of the smartphone world

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is slimmer, lighter and faster than the previous Galaxy Note II. Mr. JK Shin says, “It has a beautiful design”. Well, we don’t think so. It is based on the older Galaxy S4’s design which is stale and un-inspiring.

After being criticized all over the world for producing plastic phones Samsung has done something which they think is innovative. They have now replaced the plastic back with a faux leather back panel. But when you check the inside of the back panel you’ll see something terrific. It is made up of same old plastic material.

In fact, it looks like Samsung has attached the leather coating on the flip-cover to the back panel of the Galaxy Note 3. This is the pinnacle of innovation. Isn’t it?

Apart from the design, the new Galaxy Note 3 commands great reverence.  It comes with a usual dose of some insanely cool and useful functions.

It comes in two variants, the Snapdragon 800 based quad-core version with 2.3 GHz clock rate and the other on Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. The Exynos variant has 8 cores ticking simultaneously with a frequency of 1.9GHz. The quad-core version comes with LTE-A connectivity for super-fast internet connectivity.

Classic White, Jet Black and Blush pink are the 3 colors options in which the Note 3 will hit the market. The US and Japan will get the Note 3 in October this year but the rest of the world (149 countries) will see the launch of Galaxy Note III on 25th September, 2013.

There is no word on price tag yet but the Exynos version should be available between 45-49k INR in the Indian market.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hands-On: By The Verge

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