Motorola Moto G Dual Sim gets launched in Australia

Motorola had already announced about the dual sim version of Moto G. Now it is launched in Australia. The pricing and availability of the phone was not known at that time. They seem to have started launching phones from Australia.

Mot G

Motorola Moto G Dual Sim

We got this information from Motorola`s official webpage. The price of this phone is still a mystery in Australia. The phone has not yet listed in the online stores of Australia. There are signs of Motorola to launch Moto G Dual Sim version in many other countries.

Moto G

In India, we might get the good news of the launch of this phone soon. As per the rumors, Motorola Moto G Dual sim version may get launched in India by the end of this month. Motorola Moto G has already caught a lot of attention and we all are excited and waiting for the launch of Motorola Moto G Dual sim version in India. Till then keep reading MJ.

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