NSA has no access to Apple servers – Tim Cook

There were rumours that NSA has access to Apple`s users data. Tim Cook has revealed that there is no access for NSA to any user data of iOS users. NSA can make havoc among users. People can now be relieved after reading this news.

 NSA has no access

NSA has no access

Tim Cook said that “Government does not have access to our servers.” So this is a confirmation from the CEO of Apple. But NSA`s PRISM program needs no company`s approval to gather data. They can snatch the data anytime.

Why will any company say that their data is accessed by NSA?

Even if NSA monitor`s the data, no company will honestly say that their data is been accessed by NSA. The company`s brand image may get hampered. Well Tim Cook seems to try to convince the Apple users that their data is safe with them.


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