Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumours – Will it be similar to Galaxy S5?

The phablet is yet to come and the rumours have started to spread out. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be a phablet. We will have a look on all the latest rumours of this upcoming phablet. I am sure that people will not be that much affectionate towards the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumours

As I said people are looking forward for this gadget. If you see at the past trends it is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will have a similar design of Samsung Galaxy S5. This upcoming phablet will also support USB 3.0 and 2.0 cables.
It is also been rumoured that the Note 4 will have a sharper display than that of Galaxy S5. There might be a 4k resolution on the Note 4.  This upcoming Note 4 will have rust and water proofing. Also it will be equipped with Hexa Core Exynos CPU but a Snapdragon 801 chipset is also in rumours.

Even the camera of Note 4 is believed to be same the same as that of Samsyng Galaxy S5. So many features will be common. The release date is not yet revealed and nothing is official yet.


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