Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor in Home Button

Similar to Apple iPhone 5S this upcoming phone from Samsung will have a common feature. I am talking about the fingerprint sensor which will be embedded in the “Home Button” of Samsung Galaxy S5. Let us know about this feature in the upcoming phone.

Samsung Unpacked 5-Galaxy S5_MJ

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Fingerprint sensor

Well Samsung seems to make this as an USP. They have done a lot of work of fingerprint scanning throughout the operating system. The user can register 8 fingerprints and can also assign each fingerprint to do a particular task. I think that this will give a tremendous boost in the User Experience of the phone.

Find the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 here

So you can use different fingerprints (different fingers) to assign tasks like use a particular app shortcut. There is only one condition. Any one fingerprint should be only used to unlock the phone. With this feature you can assign the fingerprint and do a lot of things.

Best example is to use your thumb to open the camera or any other app. This will save a lot of time of the user. According to previous rumours, the fingerprint sensor should had been in the display screen. But it is confirmed by the source, that the fingerprint scanner is there for you in the home button.

Personal Folder

Apart from this feature, Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to have a “Personal Folder” and “Private Mode”. By which you can hide a lot of things including widgets, apps and the content which you want to hide.  So there will be no need to download and use any app for hiding your data.

Also this phone will have circular icons. This phone will get launched in the upcoming MWC 2014 in an unpacked 5 event. We will keep you updated about the launch of this phone. Till then stay tuned!


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