Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets will be coming soon – Names leaked on official website

Samsung seems to have just leaked a very unofficial announcement of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. On the official website of Samsung, right on the page of gearfit features. The Samsung galaxy tablets which will be compatible with this device were listed. In that list, name of Tab 4 as spotted.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Important details revealed about Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 are the different models. 3 models will come of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 varying on the screens sizes. 10.1inch, 8.0inch and 7 inch tablets were mentioned in the Samsung Galaxy Tab4.

There is no official announcement about this upcoming series of tablets. But this leak on the official website makes evident that we should expect these tablets soon. Recently Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note Pro tablet for Rs.65,575.

So don`t be surprised to see Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to be launched in the upcoming months. Even Samsung makes mistakes and leaks information about the upcoming tablets unknowingly or knowingly?


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