Samsung planning to launch cheaper Galaxy Gear

Samsung‘s new galaxy gear is a rage in the world of smartwatches. And needless to say we also loved it. The design looks really nice. And the functionality seems to be quite good too. (Since we are yet to get our hands on one here in India, we cant put up a full review)

But one point many people dint like was the pricing. The UK version costs 300 GBP (roughly Rs. 30,000) while the US version goes for about $ 300 (roughly Rs. 20,000). While we dont really expect the smartwatch to get really cheap anytime soon, these prices do tend to be on a higher side. Hell you can purchase a full fledged Flagship galaxy s4 phone for around that price in India.

Now Samsung plans on launching an entire range of Galaxy gear. Somewhat like the Note series of phone. This means cheaper variants at lower pricepoints. Always a welcome! Lets see how things unfold!

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