Samsung had troubles during the Samsung Galaxy S5 Production

Samsung had some problems in the production of Samsung Galaxy S5. Will tell you later what exact those problems were. Do you know that Samsung was planning to equip Fingerprint sensor in Galaxy Note 3 itself? But they failed to do so because of some reasons.

Samsung had troubles

Samsung had troubles

The main problem was the contract manufacturer of the fingerprint scanner did not achieved the quality expected by Samsung. So they had to rule out the feature as they had to make the production & sales in time. The same happened during the production of Samsung Galaxy S5.

So Samsung had a solution by creating the fingerprint module by themselves. But it did failed and they were not able to do so. Then they thought that only suppliers will come to their rescue. So right now they have chosen Crucialtec for this job.

It is to be believed that both these companies will sign a contract and the Production will go on for Samsung Galaxy S5 with the fingerprint sensor. Also they will make sure that the phone comes to sales in April right away. We hope that they now have solved the troubles. Stay tuned on MobileJury to stay updated! Cheers!


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