Sony may launch a Windows phone in 2014

The year 2014 brings new surprises and the recent one is the rumour of Sony mobiles planning to launch a Windows OS based smartphone. As per the report of TheInformation the windows phone from Sony will get launched in mid-2014. As per the rumor it is seen that Sony also wants to step up in the competition in launching Windows phones with Nokia.

Micromax is also going to launch the Windows devices in this year with hopes of stirring up the market.

Sony Windows Phone

Sony may launch a Windows phone

This windows phone from Sony if launched will be named as under the Sony Vaio series. Sony has been designing some prototypes for the same. While Nokia and now Sony is busy concentrating on Windows phones. HTC and Samsung are the companies which are focusing on making more android phones. The rumor if true, then it will be an interesting scenario in the Mobile Industry.

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