Videocon launches 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Videocon unveiled its first 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Smart TV in Mumbai yesterday. Mr. Anirudh Dhoot, Director of Videocon, briefed about Videocon’s plans with the series in India. Later, he pulled the red ribbon from the giant 85 inch LED Smart TV.

Mr. CM Singh, COO of Videocon, threw more light on the 4K UHD features of the Smart TV. They focused on pointing this TV to be India’s most feature-pack 4K UHD LED Smart TV.


Videocon 4K UHD LED Smart TV

Videocon 4K UHD LED Smart TV

This 4K LED Smart TV will be available in 5 variants depending upon their sizes. The lowest starts from 40-inch model to the gigantic 85-inch model. Other variants available are 50-inch, 55-inch & 65-inch. Their process are as follows-

Size Model No. Price
85” VKS85QX-ZSA Rs. 9,99,990
65” VKR65QX-ZSA Rs. 2,39,990
55” VKR55QX-ZSA Rs. 1,35,990
50” VKR50QX-ZSA Rs. 1,19,990
45” VKR55QX-ZSA Rs. 91,990


The LED TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD) which rounds off to 8.3MP. You can use 2D to 3D conversion technology to enjoy your favorite movies or sports.

It puts itself into sleep mode when you are not in the room & wakes up again as soon as you are back. This is possible using Face-recognition technology.

You can also cast your Smartphones using the N-screen feature. WiDi will let you connect ‘WiDi Supported Devices’ to the Smart TV.

Smart Remote with Touchpad

Smart Remote with Touchpad

Some of the features of the Smart TV are as stated below:

  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Gesture Control
  • Motion Sensor Games
  • MHL Connect
  • WiDi (Wireless Display) Feature
  • Nautilus Sound
  • Touch-pad Remote
  • N-Screen
  • Voice Control
  • USB 3.0
  • Face Recognition
  • Home Cloud
  • Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, etc.
  • Apps Store
  • …& many more.


Videocon 4K UHD Wireless Display

Videocon 4K UHD Wireless Display

The new range from Videocon will be available in market from next month (Sept’14). Although this 4K UHD TV will need support from the content industry. Videocon will be, soon, launching 4K UHD Set-top box in its DTH segment.

Knowing the fact that as of now, the content is just available in HD, Videocon should be soon partnering with the content providers to supply channels with 4K resolution. Difficult task in India, but not impossible.

Overall, this featured-pack Smart TV proves to be very rich in innovative features. We will have to see how the sales charts grow for Videocon in this Diwali season.


More Tech Specs here.


  • Arijit Chatterjee says:

    Very basic UHD display, with below average features:
    1) Picture quality is definitely sharper than a Full HD TV
    2) 2D to 3D conversion works OK
    3) Blooming issue exists, but can be brought down by bringing backlight level to at least 60 from 100
    4) MEMC feature improves motion fluidity
    5) USB 3.0

    1) Limited picture control setting. No separate contrast setting, No colour setting (Only modes are Vivid, Mild and Normal, Changing MEMC level, Backlight etc puts it on User mode instead)
    2) No auto upscaling. Mobile mirroring generates a very low-res screen.
    3) Gesture Control is as good as not being there.
    4) Android 4.2 based OS. Limited Apps
    5) Camera is 1 MP only.
    6) No HDMI 2.0. Maybe the 2 HDMI ports provided are HDMI 1.3 (not even 1.4)!! Chances are that when UHD COntent comes in, this TV will not be able to consume UHD content by HDMI.
    7) OS extremely clunky and not user friendly.
    8) Only 1.02 Billion coulours. Maybe a 10-Bit processor, instead if 14-Bit.
    9) No Online user manual, support or FAQ on website for Videocon’s 4K TVs

    If you want a budget 4K, go for Vu. My advice is to save up more money and go for LG, Samsung or Sony, to be future proof.

  • Arpan Modi says:

    THank you Mitesh Sonigra,

    After all they are the future of the television set so everybody have to go forward to its.

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