Micromax plans to take Nokia head-on by launching Windows Phones. What happens next?

The name Micromax needs no introduction in the Indian smartphone market. It is the undisputed market leader by largest number of smartphones sales right after Samsung.

We at MobileJury have an ask-us page dedicated to answering people’s queries related to mobile phone buying decision. Many of our readers don’t want an Android smartphone and owing an iOS phone is just too expensive for them. They are simply bored of android or want high quality smartphones. So, we suggest them to buy a Nokia Lumia smartphone.

Nokia is known for making quality devices right from the very beginning. Who doesn’t know about Nokia 1100 or the latest Nokia 108?

The Lumia smartphones from Nokia run on Windows Phone 8 OS. It is worth noting that the Lumia smartphones do not have that impressive hardware configuration as found in the local android smartphones these days. But these Lumia phones do their job very well. They are fast and have amazing animations.


Why should you not trust hardware Specifications?


On the other hand, Micromax focusses on producing affordable Dual-SIM smartphones with acceptable performance.

Micromax is the undisputed champion among local handset manufacturers. There are other good brands like Lava, Karbonn and Xolo but they are not as popular as Micromax.

Micromax logo

Recently, Micromax’s Co-founder Rahul Sharma confirmed the company’s plan to launch smartphones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS by the mid of 2014.


What we expect from Micromax


Significantly Lower Price Tag

Currently, the people who are using Windows smartphone from either HTC or Nokia expect any new entrant to launch Windows smartphones with lower price. The mid-range smartphones like Lumia 820 and HTC 8X are out of the budget for most of the risk takers.

So the upcoming windows phones from Micromax should be much affordable than their Nokia & HTC counterparts.

We expect their entry-level offering to be somewhere between 7-8k INR.

Please do not expect dirt cheap Windows smartphones as Microsoft has some minimum system requirements for WP 8 OS:

WP8 minimum requirements


Build Quality

It is a widely known fact that most of Micromax smartphones do not have very good build quality.

Micromax Canvas Turbo is the only exception to the above statement and proves that Micromax can build phones with great build quality.


How will it change the market dynamics?

Windows Phone OS is one of the fastest growing OS in the smartphone market these days. It is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds thanks to Microsoft’s marketing campaigns.

Microsoft has recently offered Samsung $1B to launch Windows phones.

It’s clear that MSFT wants its OS to compete with iOS and Android and get MSFT back the respect that it deserves in the world of computers.

Xolo- another Indian manufacturer, also wants to join the WP8 bandwagon and has plans to launch Windows smartphones next year.

Many other Chinese manufacturers are also coming up with Windows smartphones sometime in the next year.

So, if you were thinking that Micromax is alone to jump into the WP market then you didn’t imagine the potential of Windows Phone OS.

This will bring in a new era of a different breed of smartphones which can probably turn the smartphone market upside down.

Well, this is all that I have to say about it but you are always welcome to share your valuable thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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  • sree says:

    Windows platform will overtake Android sometime in the future because Windows have the technological capability to serve futuristic Devices but as of now its still in the process of Evolution.

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