Microsoft buys Nokia’s phone business. So what happens next?

Just a week back me and our editor were having a conversation about this. Microsoft has been using Nokia as an entry point into the future of computing – mobile phones. And while Nokia was doing quite all right (atleast they dint need to desperately sell) Microsoft has enough money to buy it out alright. And they did!

It remains to be seen how Microsoft uses Nokia. And the fact that there is a new CEO coming in further adds to the uncertainty. But there is no doubt that mobile will be at the centre of Mirosoft’s strategy. And Nokia will be the key to all of it.

While not having to worry about money is a good thing for Nokia, it remains to be seen what happens to the entire non Lumia portfolio.

We hope that Nokia does not kill of the other phones like the Asha series.


For those interested in the economics of the deal, the price for the mobile business was 5 billion $ and the services and mapping assets for 2.17 billion $.

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