Nokia 515 – The most beautiful Nokia’s feature phone yet?

Nokia has always made brilliant phones. They are solid and can take a good beating with grace. But the Nokia 515 is something else altogether. It might just be the most beautiful feature phone ever.

Look at the picture below and tell me you don’t find it to be extremely good looking.

Nokia 515

Image credits: Noka


Undoubtedly the phone is pricey at INR 10000. And with many good android options coming in at that price, one may not expect this phone to sell in large numbers. But even today there is a large audience of people who want to use phones as , you know, PHONES. For them this piece is exceptionally well suited.


Some highlights of this gorgeous Nokia 515 include:

  • Gorilla Glass 2 screen – Imagine if nokia could make such durable phones without Gorilla Glass, what they can do with it!
  • Matte Aluminium finish – I’ve spoken enough about this.
  • 38 days Single sim standby time – Whaaaat?!
  • 5 MP camera – Nothing in today’s camera race, but more than enough for day to day needs.
  • Brilliant service by Nokia – You wont be treated like goats in the service centre.
  • HD quality sound – Remains to be tested but we are hopeful about this.

So all in all this is a good device that will carry out most of your functions very well. For basic uses that is. We cant wait to get our hands on the Nokia 515 to review it fully.

P.S. If you want to know more about the design process behind it, they have a nice post up here.

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