Nokia Lumia 625 Review: A 4.7 inch luxury

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Nokia Lumia 625 Review

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the first Lumia with a huge 4.7 inch display. In today’s world of 5 inchers phablets this might not sound exactly huge but for Nokia devices it is. It hails from the Lumia 6 series smartphones but it is not very affordable. Costing INR 19000/- in the local market it might be good option for you if you are in search of a phone with big display and superb after-sales services.

User Experience

The user experience on the Nokia Lumia 625 is very smooth and in our testing we didn’t find any lags or delays in the transitions. However the phone takes a while before it changes the orientation of any menu. This might not be a concern for most of you but if you like speed then it is going to be somewhat irritating.

Start-up and power down times:
Start-up time 28.54s
Poweroff time 8.10s

Typing & Ease of Access

The typing is a breeze on its generously large display. The buttons on the keypad are not very big but who wants big buttons to eat the precious display space when even smaller buttons do the job just fine. However, we still feel that some input gesture like swipe to enter text could further elevate the typing experience.

Single-handed operation is somewhat difficult on this large screen.

The People (phonebook) has standard options as found in other Lumia smartphones but the search feature is what I like the most in WP8 smartphones.

Just like the other smartphones the Lumia 625 also offers various font sizes to choose from but the main feature which improves the ease of access is the Screen Magnifier.

The screen magnifier lets you zoom almost anything- you just have to tap with 2 fingers to zoom-in and zoom-out. This functionality is highly useful for reading text messages or browsing through contacts if you’re suffering from myopia.

Long pressing the windows key brings up the voice search.


Unfortunately we couldn’t test the call quality but we don’t expect it to be anywhere near the older Lumia 620 as lacks the dedicated mic for active noise cancellation.


The lock screen notifications can be chosen from among BookMyShow, Calendar, Facebook, Hotmail, messaging, Outlook, Phone and Whatsapp. The quick status can be used to show notifications related to BookMyShow, Facebook, Games, Hotmail, Messaging, Outlook, Phone and Whatsapp.

The ringtones are not that loud and it also doesn’t have any notification LEDs.


The Lumia 625 also comes with the dedicated camera key which can be used to focus on the subject when it is pressed half. On the full press it shoots a picture as expected.

The Internet Sharing functionality is there to let you share your cellular data with your peers over Wi-Fi.


The Lumia 625 looks like a big brother of the Lumia 720 but with rounded edges. It’s also the only Lumia in which the back panel comes out from the bottom first.


Owing to the unique design of the Lumia phones and the big display you can easily spot a Lumia 625 in the crowd. Well, it looks similar to its other Lumia siblings but it is big. Like I mentioned it has the biggest display in a Lumia phone till date.

Materials Used

There is a protective Gorilla Glass 2 layering on the display and the back panel is made up of rigid but high quality plastic which has to protect the delicate internals of the phone. The back panel covers the sides of the phones and the hardware buttons are also built-in into it.

The back-panel has matt finish which provides the phone a good grip.


The hardware buttons are located on the right side of the phone. Going from top to bottom you’ll first find the volume rocker key which is followed by the power/lock button and camera key respectively.

MicroSD card slot is hot swappable but it can only be accessed only after removing the back panel. The USB port is located at the bottom side which won’t make it difficult to use the phone while charging.

SIM and microSD slot - Nokia Lumia 625 Review

The loudspeakers speakers are placed at the back and are difficult to get occluded.

The capacitive keys work very well and didn’t miss a touch even once.


How it stands up against the previous Lumias?

Displaydisplay settings Nokia Lumia 625

The colors reproduced by the IPS LCD display are not over-saturated unlike the famous Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones but they are not lively either. They look somewhat duller than they should have been but on the plus side the viewing angles of the display are good which makes the Lumia 625 an ideal smartphone to enjoy videos with your buddies.

The display gets smudged up with the fingerprints within no time making it almost un-readable in bright sunlight even with the Sunlight Readability mode ON.

I would strongly recommend using the phone with matt finish screen guard which will cut off the reflections to the maximum extent.


Nokia Lumia 625 Review-  Primary rear camera

The images captured by the primary cam are not upto the mark. We had high expectations from this 5MP Nokia snapper. The images were dull in color and low on details. They didn’t look lively and are not at all ready for photo printing.

On the other hand the 1080p video shot by exceeded our expectations and lives upto the full-HD standards. The 720p video was just a tad sharper than the 1080p but didn’t look as surreal as the FHD videos.

The camera interface is also very thought of and can be operated easily with a single hand.

The Auto-Focus works fine when Focus Assist Light is ON otherwise it fails to focus frequently at close objects.

This camera is also very poor when it comes to having features like HDR, Panorama, beauty shot and burst shot. Luckily, these features can be added to the camera by installing apps from the Market Place.

The front VGA is there to facilitate video calling but the quality of images produced by it is questionable as they look grainy and have fake colors.
On the plus side the camera app launches the camera in about 1.35s.

Untouched Camera Samples

Zoom Test

Low-light photography

Camera Video Recording Test



Nokia Lumia 625 Review- Loudspeaker_mobilejury.comThe audio produced is loud enough to be heard in traffic. However, the video on the display looks dull but you can turn on the high

contrast mode to make the videos looks somewhat lively.

It also supports almost all of the popular video formats. Playing full HD videos was not an issue but it will take a few seconds to seek to a certain time on the seek bar.

The Stock music player supports only basic features like shuffle, repeat, like and dislike.

The Photos (gallery) can be organized into camera roll, album, people and date. The photos can also uploaded to Sky Drive directly.

The audio player interface is outdated and it doesn’t even have a seek bar!


Nokia Lumia 625 Review-  back panel removed

battery saver Nokia Lumia 625The non-removable 2000 mAh battery doesn’t drain like the ones present in local android smartphones and heating is out of the equation. You can also use the Battery Saver app to conserve battery with options to trigger it only when the battery is low, until next charge, always ON.

Company Provided Battery data:
Times Value
Talk 2G– 23.9h,  3G-15.2h
Stand-by 23 days
Music playback 90h
Video playback 6.8h
Wi-Fi Browsing 8.7h



The Lumia 625 supports quad-band GSM and tri-band 3G ensuring that you always stay connected even if you are roaming abroad. However, it only supports 3 (1800 MHz), 7 (2600 MHz) and 20 (800 MHz) 4G bands. Check details about the 4G bands here.

Sadly, the Nokia Lumia 625 shows no love for 4G in India (band 40).

The on-board GPS takes care of the navigation and also supports A-GPS and GLONASS.

Final Verdict

Buy if you can't live without a big display

The Nokia Lumia 625 is certainly a good option to consider if you’re bored of android and want something solid with a big display, great design and excellent after sales services.

  • Love shooting Videos
  • Want a phone big display
  • Are a die hard Nokia fan
  • A gaming addict
  • Not a believer in buying almost every useful app

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