Nokia Lumia 925 review : Love it is

Lumia is like the beautiful girl everyone admires but no one wants to marry. Almost every single person I know says the phones are awesome, and then goes out and buys a laggy Android device. That list included me too!

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We review phones with an obsessive focus on the experience that really matters to you. We don’t care about specifications, we will tell you what you will really feel while using the phone. And needless to say, we maintain total integrity and truthfulness in our reviews.

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So this time when the news came in that Nokia is sending us a Lumia 925 for review, I decided I am going to at least date the phone, if not marry it. How did it go? Did the Lumia 925 make me fall in love with it? Read on to find out.

Lumia 925

  • Beautiful screen
  • Good looks & dust resistant white body
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lag free operations
  • Loud volume
  • Camera & its features
  • Battery Life
  • Price
  • The  windows OS

User Experience


Design has always been Lumias trump card. And the 925 is a looker.

The minute you see it there is a sense of good craftsmanship. I have been reading up the Steve Jobs biography for the past few days and that makes one extra critical of design. But despite all of that, the Lumia looks like a piece of art.

Once you get the phone in your hands, what really delights you, it how sturdy it feels. It does not feel like a set of components have been screwed together. It feels like a single piece of metal casted into a gorgeous phone.

Nokia Lumia 925

The phone feels grippy. The chances of it slipping and falling are low, and even if it does it will take the falls well. The nice metallic bezel feels premium. There is one grouse with the bezel though, on cold nights the bezel also got cold making it uncomfortable to hold the phone.

Attention to detail is plenty and small touches like the the black lines on sides are nice.

One thing worth mentioning is the white back. Despite being white, it was quite resistant to dust & mud. A pragmatic choice of materials seems to be at play here. Good job Nokia!

The bottom capacitive buttons work flawlessly. And the screen feels nice and tactile to touch. The fact that the camera is not protruding awkwardly is a nice change. (I am looking at you Samsung)

All in all the Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the best looking devices you can buy today.

 User Interface

User interface on Lumia devices are always a challenge. Because android is often the standard, comparing that with Windows is like comparing apples with oranges. So what we decided to do is focus on how the end experience of using this device everyday is.

Windows in the core feels much simpler to operate. I conformed this with a number of seniors in my family, the all thought windows was much more new user friendly than Android.

This OS is a refreshing change for those who are sick of android.

Things are smooth on the UI as far as the Lumia 925 is concerned. Transitions take  few moments longer, but are absolutely smooth and lag free.

There are a set of customization options available, but they seem limited compared to the android universe. Colours of the theme, square sizes and placement, etc are easy to customize.

Some options like disabling auto-rotate were quite annoying for me. But I expect microsoft to iron out all these within the next few updates.

One thing I want to harp on is how the Home button never died on me. No matter what you are doing or how heavy a program is, the minute you press the home button, the device comes to the main screen. This feels so refreshing after having to remove the battery off of an android when it gets stuck and nothing seems to work.


The display feels beautiful right from the way the touch feels.

Purity of blacks exudes a premium feel. I have a strong feeling that the amount of blacks should also help in maximizing battery usage. Another advantage of the blacks is that it blends in and makes the entire front face feel like a part of the screen.

Nokia Lumia 925

The screen somehow seems much better for reading than traditional phones. Also the sunlight legibility was brilliant. And so were the viewing angles.

The display is crisp and does not let down anywhere.

A good display for gaming too!


One of the grouses I have with the phone is a lack of swipe feature. No matter how good the traditional keyboard is, it is no match for swype.

That being said, the traditional keyboard on the phone is well designed. The feedback is surprisingly good. A ton of smilies feel like a big feature after using a Samsung for so long.

Size wise the keyboard is good and you will most likely not feel the need of switching to landscape mode.


Like I said earlier in the display section, a good device to be reading. Zooming in works smoothly as expected, the Nokia Lumia 925 has good hardware built in.

But where the phone falls short is the software experience. The default Internet explorer, is well, an Internet explorer. Meaning quite outdated. We highly recommend using UC browser on this device.

Features like incognito and tab management are missed in default browser. UC browser does make up for some of the problems.






The audio volume on the Lumia 925 is really good. It may not be able to satisfy an audiophile but for most users the phone will be above par.

All the standard slew of features are present on the phone. Equalizer and settings are missed. Also no tap to seek for songs make the experience below par.

The song selection based on alphabets grid is really good both in terms of visual appearance and usability.



Playing videos is a good experience on the device. It plays HD video smoothly and transitions over video times are easy and smooth.


As a package comprising of display, audio and hardware, multimedia is a pleasurable experience with the Lumia 925.


UI and gallery may seem confusing to an Android user at first but in time will seem more intuitive and usable.

Some sorting and other basic features are missing. Not good but again boils down to microsoft working out kinks.

A beautiful thing is how it works when connected to the PC. While android pukes out a billion folders to confuse you, this phone has few and simple folders to look for your images. Well done.


The ringing is loud and you are not likely to miss it in a noisy environment. The top notification bar from android feels sorely missed.

Nokia Lumia 925

Hardware performance

A good indicator of this again is the home button. It gets back the home screen from the middle of any heavy task without any delay. Really really impressive.Multi tasking on this phone is brilliant. The phone handles all you can throw at it with aplomb. The hardware runs even the most heavy tasks smoothly and will not let you down.

Apps & Games

Whatever games you want to play, it will be a nice experience on the Lumia 925. I could write a lot about it, but let me just conclude saying the Lumia 925 is all you want in a gaming device. Except for whats coming in the section below.

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Battery testing is an area which takes a lot of time and still does not provide conclusive result. But one thing I am pretty sure of is that the Lumia will be slightly disappointing on this front.

The Lumia 925 is a brilliant device, and will hence make you want to use it often. But with such usage the device seems to last less that the entire day. Expect to charge the device by late evening or so. But honestly I still would not strike the device out, it will last better with slightly lower usage.


The slew of all connectivity options like bluetooth, High speed internet & NFC are present.

Final Verdict

A brilliant little device

Why would I BUY It?

  • Looking for a No Nonsense performance phone
  • A good camera phone
  • A nokia fan
  • Looking for a windows device


  • Want android like usability & options
  • Need a long battery life
  • Are not ready to wait for the OS to evolve



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General Name Nokia Lumia 925
OS Windows 8 Amber
Hardware Chipset MSM8960
CPU 1.5 GHz Dual-core Krait
GPU Adreno 225
Internal Memory 16/32GB
Expandable Memory
Display Type AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
Size 4.5 inch; 768×1280 pixels (332ppi)
Camera Primary 8MP, AF, Dual LED Flash
Secondary 1.3MP
Battery Capacity 2000mAh Li-Ion
Connectivity EDGE Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes (with A2DP)
USB Yes (v2.0)
Dual SIM No
Others Sensors Accelerometer, Proximity
Dimension 129×70.6×8.5mm
Weight 139g
Colours Black, White, Gray
Online Price ₹ 29,490

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