Nokia X series Availability- Will not reach US, Canada, Japan and Korea

The Nokia X series created a lot of hype throughout the world especially in the developing countries but the bad news is that it will not reach the big markets like North America, Japan and Korea. However, Nokia X series availability is attracting a lot of frowns from its loyal fans in the US and Canada. Let’s see why did they take this decision.


Nokia X series Availability


Jussi Nevanlinna, Nokia’s Vice President for Mobile Phone marketing said:

These are global products, which will be available pretty much everywhere except North America, Korea and Japan.


Why exclude the big markets?

The reason for making this move is still not clear but perhaps Nokia thought that their Android phones will not attract much attention in countries where people can get flagship phones on contract by taking a down payment of just $150-200.

He also pointed out that more phones will be added to the Nokia X series later this year. Those upcoming phones might have better hardware and will also have a lot of compatible apps in the Nokia Store.


Nokia X series availability Region wise:

Nokia X will be available in Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Africa, India and Asia-Pacific.


As of now 75% of all android apps are compatible with Nokia X platform and the rest of the apps require less than 8 hours for porting to Nokia’s X platform.


When is Nokia X coming to big markets?

After a quarter or two Nokia Store should have millions of android apps. The app availability will then lure those users who didn’t buy a phone from the the first batch of Nokia X phones. Then will be the time for global debut of Nokia X android phones.


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