Treasure map as a teaser for Nokia X launch in MWC 2014

Nokia is geared up for the launch of Nokia X. They are showcasing a lot of things. They have used a treasure Map as a teaser for the upcoming Nokia X launch event. This event is going to be held in MWC Barcelona in Spain in few days. Let us know in detail about this teaser.

Treasure Map from Nokia

The excitement is huge about the upcoming android phone from Nokia. Before I tell you about the treasure Map, let us know about more interesting things revealed by Nokia. They are doing a brilliant job in leaking some images which will keep the audience amused.

Treasure Map

This picture has two monkeys, which depicts that Nokia may launch 2 phones in the event. Which is still a very high possibility. In the meantime many sources claim that the two monkeys denote the resemblance of dual sim in Nokia X.

Treasure Map 2

Now here is another weird picture of a tree. Well this is the same tree which was in the first pic. The only thing focus is on the roots. You can see a DNA kind of a thing in those roots. Also we can see the letter “X” which depicts Nokia X.

Treasure Map

Last one, but not the least comes with a treasure map. He few lines below the map says “What is hidden under the tree? Lets find out together on February 24th”. This is a very creative way of telling about the launch of Nokia X which is going to take place on 24th February, 2014.

The reassure map shows an X symbol made by the arrows. The treasure is the phone itself as depicted by the map. So this is one of the most beautiful teasers for the launch of the phone in the upcoming MWC 2014. We will keep you updated for more such exciting news.



  • Darshan says:

    In the first picture it is not a monkey sitting on the tree… if you closely you will notice it is a human kid dressed in a monkey suit !! probably depicting the Nokia-fied version of Android 😉

    • Nikhil Narkhede says:

      Hi Darshan,
      Nice observation. There is a saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This picture talks a lot. I liked the point of view you stated by your observation. Human kid can also depict that Nokia is new to Android! 😀

      • Darshan says:

        Hope it turns out to be one awesome phone and have higher end models… I am really hoping for a comeback from Nokia! *fingers crossed* 😀

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