Panasonic P11 Review: Jack of all trades

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The Panasonic P11 is the proof of Panasonic’s efforts to take the Indian market seriously. Launched with an asking price of INR 16000 it receives a tough competition from the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, Xolo Play and Nokia Lumia 625 etc.

 Panasonic P11 Review

We reviewed their flagship, the Panasonic P51, a few months back and found it to be at par with the competition. Unlike the Panasonic T11, which targets the market of entry level androids, the P11 is there to meet the expectations of people in the search of mid-range android smartphones.

 The P11 has all the features that are required in a smartphone. Its specifications sheet boasts a big 5” display and a good processor. As a reader of MobileJury you know why we don’t trust specifications and hence had to conduct various tests on it to verify its mentioned horsepower.

  • Sharp and big display
  • Great earpiece sound quality and volume
  • Good performance


  • Average battery backup
  • Camera cannot capture good amount of details
  • Lacks secondary mic for noise cancellation


User Experience

Design: Sleek and beautiful

The P11 is made out of plastic and its retail box pack comes with 3 interchangeable back-panels. Two of them (black and fluorescent) have a matte finish and the other is glossy white. The moulded plastic back-panels make the P11 look very sleek and hence make it analogous to the elder sibling, the P51.

The matte finish back-panel and the rounded edges provide a very good grip whereas on the other hand, owing to its large size it doesn’t fit very well into jeans pockets.

The capacitive keys at the bottom of the display didn’t miss even a single touch and were very responsive during all the tests that we conducted.

User Interface: Stock android with a few customizationspanasonic p11

The Panasonic P11 runs on pure android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with the exception of a few modifications. Also there were no noticeable lags during transitions and animations just like its cheaper sibling, the Panasonic T11.

The UI brings nothing new to the table and sticks real close the android vanilla flavour. The nexus lovers will like the few modifications that Panasonic has made and the TouchWiz users will miss their favourite Samsung specific customizations.

Display: Gorgeous

The 5 inch IPS LCD HD display accounts for a pixel density of 294 ppi.

This IPS display produces natural colors with good contrast and sunlight legibility.

Watching movies on this large display is a treat to the eyes as it doesn’t lose much contrast when viewed from extreme angles.

The single handed operation is somewhat troublesome on this big phone so if you have small hands shouldn’t even think of buying it.

Typing: Third party apps save the day

If you are a user of customized keyboard skins on smartphones of some popular OEMs then you are going to be disappointed here. The portrait mode is not as good as you might expect it to be but the things improve when you switch the orientation to landscape mode.

Thankfully, there are tons of apps like swipe which can make your typing experience better by enabling gesture based inputs.


Browsing: Wouldn’t disappoint you

The browsing experience is one of the best experiences that I’ve had with this phone. There were no significant delays when I scrolled through some media heavy webpages. The pinch to zoom was almost instantaneous and the double tap to zoom also worked fine.

Some of the other features in its stock browser are Multi-tabs, incognito mode etc.

My overall take on the browsing section of this phone is- All Good.


Camera: Good for newbies

Panasonic P11 Review

The 8MP primary camera supports AF and is complemented by an LED Flash to take care of low-light imaging.

This camera annoyed me at first, it lacks some basic photo options like HDR and macro mode. But after using it for a while, I found that the camera is capable of taking macro shots, it just doesn’t want to confuse you with loads of features. Good job, Panasonic.

The camera has very good auto mode.

 The captured shots have colors closer to the natural side. The contrast is not much and sometimes the images also look over exposed.

This 8MP camera is incapable of capturing minute details.

 I had tested the Panasonic P51 in the past and was unable to believe that this P11 is from the same manufacturer.

Zoom Test

The auto-focus is quick and works fine even in lowly lit places. However, the P11 doesn’t uses any noise cancellation algorithms and as a result low-light shots are plagued by noise.

The LED flash produces very strong flash thus reducing the amount of captured details. It also assigns a strange whitish tint to the captured photographs.

panasonic p11

It can also capture 720p HD videos @ 25fps. Just like the images, the videos also lack fine details but have very good color representation.

Here are some camera benchmarks which might come in handy:

Camera start-up time ~ 2.7 s

Multi-media: MediocrePanasonic P11 Review

The loudspeaker at the rear produces audio with average clarity and volume.

On the plus side the sound coming out of the speaker doesn’t get muffled when placed on a flat surface.

The stock music player has standard options like repeat and shuffle and can all of the popular audio formats. The video player on the other hand can play all of famous video formats till 720p but .flv.


Hardware performance

It looks like Panasonic has taken a holy vow to not let consumers complain about the performance. Just like its younger sibling, the T11, it also wouldn’t let you down when it comes to performance.

Here are some performance benchmarks which might come in handy:

Reboot time 70s+
Startup time ~43.07s

Benchmark Scores Screenshots


Apps & Games: Only goodies no crapwares

The Panasonic comes with only a few pre-installed apps like:

ET, CamScanner, CamCard, Facebook and Hungama.


The 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery serves as the powerhouse of the phone. I used the phone for about two days and realised that this battery is incapable of making the last phone last for a day on regular usage (2G calls, texts and WiFi).

Also there are no battery optimization settings/softwares on-board so you’d have to rely on third party apps like Power saver, DU Battery etc. to make it last a little longer.


Panasonic P11 Review

What it has:

  • HSPA+
  • FM Radio
  • WLAN
  • microUSB 2.0
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS

What it lacks:

  • NFC

 Box Contents

Final Verdict

Possibly the best option

The Panasonic P11 is probably the best branded option in the price segment of 15-20k INR. It has got a good processor, great display and a camera whose interface is optimized for amateurs.
The battery backup is disappointing but then, nothing is perfect.

  • Looking for a branded phone with big gorgeous display
  • A peformance freak

  • Watch FHD videos
  • Photography maniac


 You ought to know this- Why we don’t trust specifications?


Specifications: Panasonic P11


Panasonic P11

Chipset Qualcomm MSM8625Q
Processor (CPU) 1.2 GHz quad-core, Cortex A-5
GPU Adreno 203
Display Type IPS LCD, 16M colors
Size & Resolution 5 inch, 1280×720 px, 293.72 ppi
Primary Camera 8MP, AF, LED Flash
Stills- 3200×2400 px
Video- 720p @ 25fps
Secondary Camera 2MP
Stills- 1200×1600 px
Video- 640×480 px @ 11fps
Android OS v4.1.2 JB
Battery 2000 mAh
Memory Internal- 4GB, microSD up to 32 GB
Connectivity- NFC No
USB Yes, microUSB v2.0
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth Yes
GPS Yes, with A-GPS support
FM Radio Yes
Dimensions 143.9 x 73.3 x 9.7 mm
Weight 160 g
Sensors Accelerometer, proximity, digital compass,IPS ambient light
Colors Black (with Black, White and Fluorescent backpanels)
Online Price INR 16200
SAR Value Head- 0.555 W/Kg
Body- 0.430 W/Kg


  • Sagar says:

    One serious issue I heard from ppl about Panasonic phones is that they are Chinese re-branded phones.
    Is it true?
    I even saw people providing the model name of the Chinese phones which looked exactly the same as this phone. I kinda believe this, because I doubt Panasonic would build phones like this.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      It might be the case but unlike some other Indian smartphones brands, Panasonic takes a lot of efforts for quality testing. After all, they have to reputation to maintain. I’ve tested Panasonic P51 and i liked it. It is one of the best camera phone in its price segment.

      • abhishek says:

        Just wanted to confirm that does P11 mobile has wifi direct or not? because today i talked to panasonic customer care representative and according to him, its not provided whereas on your website it is given that this feature is available, kindly confirm the same on my email address

        • Anand Karwa says:

          We’ll check it and get back to you on this.

          • abhishek says:

            please dont mind but it takes so much time to confirm a very simple thing?
            all i asked was does p11 mobile has wi fi direct feature or not?
            well highly dissapointed with the delay

        • Anand Karwa says:

          We apologize for the delay. It doesn’t support WiFi Direct.

          • abhishek says:


          • Anand Karwa says:

            We understand your expectations from us and we will make sure that these types of mistakes do not happen again.
            Thank you again for pointing that out.

  • Gaurav Sushant says:

    I am thinking of buying this phone but i am worried about its android 4.1 OS. Can it upgraded to 4.2 OS or not? If not then i will not buy this phone..
    Another important thing if you can tell me which one will be a good purchase? P11 or Lenovo P780… I am really confused between these two..Help me.

  • Shekhar Sorout says:

    Really liked the way you review phones. I am eagerly waiting for review of Panasonic P21 and Sony Xperia C (Galaxy Grand true competitor). When can we expect them? Also look for some reputed Chinese brands like Huwei, Gionee (recently launched Gionee Elife E6). They can be also real value for money like Panasonic phones. Again I really appreciate your efforts.


    Awesome review,really appreciate the fact that you gave us such an in-depth review, inclusive of benchmarks, camera samples, gaming vid, the whole nine yards! Thanks fr a thorough job..i m debating between the p11 or the lenovo s820 n i need to buy a new phone asap..the only worry i had bout this phone was its OS update from 4.1.2jb but u guys solved that query aswell. The s820, off which i could not find one decent review, does a lot better than this in most benchmarks and specs and is priced somewhat similarly, they both seem to be good buys…. pls help just lost my phone !!(curses to procrastination,first app i install is gonna be a tracker on ma next phone) on a limited budget and time frame…

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Shridhar,
      We don’t believe in benchmark scores. They can be gamed very easily by the manufacturers. And sadly, most of the OEMs do tweak their firmwares to score well in benchmark tests. The only exceptions are Apple and Motorola.
      As a reader of MJ, we’d advice you to not take benchmarks piously. We haven’t tested the Lenovo S820 yet but i see that it has its specs similar to the Panasonic P51 which is very good phone.
      Do check out its review.
      We are working hard to get you the reviews of Lenovo smartphones.


        Anand ,thanks for the prompt reply,
        .. is a good phone espcially in terms of build and so my first choice but at just below 20 k i think its lil overpriced considering its a 1.2 ghz mtk also considering that i read gaming is sluggish on the device i must give it a miss as a large part of my android demand list is smooth gaming. the p11 has a qualqom CPU;adrno Gpu so i guess i terms of real world n graphics they do better even if they are a older chipset and as i read the gaming performance is commendable(right? or is th p51 better). the cam is not as good as it elder brother, like you said” nothing is perfect”, but that falls a lil lower on my list of priorities, its build quality looks dependable( a big up considering the competion) and form factor is not offensive yet youthful like many phones in this range. considering it a newer launch and priced lower then the p51 i m swaying towards the p11 that is if it as good as i think it is. also i noticed that the t11 uses the same hardware as the p11 and is priced at less than Rs10k does this mean the p11 is sluggish or underpowerd..i havent gotten my hands on a the piece yet.. or does this just mean the t11 is a more bang fr buck..i had a xperiasp and i dont wanna feel a massive downgrade… my budget strechs to 19 at most, any insight?? whats my best bet. i hope u dont mind my extensive queries.
        thanks again

        • Anand Karwa says:

          Panasonic T11 offers more bang for the buck but it doesn’t have an impressive display like the P11.
          A few days back i heard that the HTC One X 32GB was available under 20k INR. You can ask your local retail shop about it or can simply go with P11.
          Search on if you’re still interested in One X.

          • SHRIDHAR SELVARAJ says:

            Anand..That is the best and shortest answer to a really long query…
            Your awesome ..thanks a ton
            and i m sure i m gonna be following you guys online!

  • abhinav says:

    excellent unbiased review.keep it up. Waiting for t21 review.
    I would appreciate if you could post lenovo mobiles review as well,its slowing making inroads into indian market,and has brand appeal just like panasonic.

  • Mubashir says:

    Well structured review. I really liked the content and its quality.
    Can you please advise on the following subjects:
    1. Even though it has 4 GB internal memory, how much will be available to the user?
    2. How much RAM will be free after the startup?
    3. Is 2000 mAh is really a concern considering the overall features? Won’t it last 24 hours (limited (30 minutes) wifi and data usage, maximum of 45 minutes voice call, 30 minutes of other usage).
    4. What is your opinion on buying this phone online. I found it for 14k in ebay!

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Mubashir,
      We couldn’t check out the user available memory and the amount of RAM after the startup.
      3. The battery will definitely last a day for you.
      4. Yes, you can buy it on ebay.

  • Nihar says:

    The Iphone4 is available for less then 20K how would you rate the P11 versus the Iphone 4?

  • Shekhar Sorout says:

    Panasonic T21 review was to be posted last weekend but till now no review has been posted. Please tell me when you are going to review Panasonic T21.

  • Satyam says:

    Hi Anand. First off another great review! you guys simply rock!
    but now I’m really confused between lava Iris 504q,Samsung grand quattro and Panasonic P11 (or any other other option you suggest in 10k – 16k bracket.) Please help me out. I need a reliable handset in my budget with better display,smooth performance and battery with enough juice for a day. I’m not big on games although I use camera often.
    Besides, having snapdragon instead of mediatek will make a substantial difference?


    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Satyam,
      Thank you for your feedback. 🙂
      Lava Iris 504Q is best option and matches all of your requirements.
      Its not about Snapdragon Vs MediaTek rather it is about technology and architecture.
      For e.g.:- A year old single-core Snapdragon processor will be slower than today’s quad-core mediatek but the latest Snapdragon quad-core processors (snapdragon 800) is multiple times faster than the best Mediatek has to offer at the moment i.e. MT6589T.

  • Amal says:

    hi sir thanks for the planning to buy this mobile..i use phone mainly for gaming and voice call and texting..atleast t lasts for 1 full day? voice call – 2 hours..gaming 2 hours..i wont use net dis phone suits me..pls help,previously i bout sony and got cheated so help me i was afraid to buy dis phone since t s a new release but i love t since t has customer care service and dual sim,8 pixel camera and low price..also dis s snapdragon rite?

    • Anand Karwa says:

      I can’t promise you that it will last for a full day with 2 hours of gaming but for the rest of the purposes, it definitely will.
      Amal, yes it does have a snapdragon processor and its fast. I would also suggest you to NOT go after anything by its NAME. Sure, snapdragon 800 is fast but the processor in P11 is not that fast.
      The phone will perform definitely well for the purposes that you’ve stated. Use the BUY NOW tab above to buy it online.

  • Niel Mrinal says:

    I wanted to know if P11 or P51 can handle games like FIFA12 and such. Moreover that i wanted to know the network coverage with P11 and touch-screen response.
    I am an avid reader of cellular technology but really confused when it comes to MSM8625Q because of Adreno 203 GPU. Can it handle 3D graphics? If yes then why other manufacturers did never used it? Adreno 203 can handle FWVGA but here the screen size is 720p, so is it underpowered or simply escapes frames. What does the software have to do with this.
    Please let me know. Many many thanks for your time that you spent on the phone.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Niel,
      A lot of things depend on the firmware. I can’t tell you why other manufacturers donot use 8625Q but as you can see from the embedded game play videos, asphalt 8 and modern combat 4 run just fine. Yes, the chipset is not very powerful but the P11 doesn’t lag in everyday operations.

  • Rahul says:

    How to make video calls with P11 ?
    I couldn’t find any way to make it.

    Please help.

  • Ankur says:

    Wifi Hotspot allows your phone connection to be shared by another device via WiFi. So basically your phone does the function of routing the data to the internet.
    i.e. Internet< ->mobile< ->other device which has wifi

    For WiFi direct, the feature allows transfer between two devices via WiFi protocol, without having another router or modem device in between.
    i.e. first mobile< ->second mobile

  • Bhavdeep singh says:

    I luv Unique mobile Phones Right now M Using Motorola Backflip,,,coz of it uniqueness,
    Nw dis phones seems to b sexy to me wid dat fluro color …. wat u think.vil it make peoples neck turn around twice coz i like to flaunt my thng especially if its nt vid every1 n colors lyk iphone 5c n nokia lumia vil it b updated.
    i use net 24/7 lyk watsapp,fb, bbm n vill play games so wat shod i do coz m oll flat for dis bad b***h pls help ..?

  • bhavdeep singh says:

    My more main question ? da covers like flip n bumper will dey b available in da market or not ,,,coz m a little careless bout my machine ,,hehe pls help

    • Anand Karwa says:

      you get 3 backpanels so needn’t worry about it. We can’t tell you about the availability of accessories in the market. You would have to find that out yourself.

      • bhavdeep says:

        Sir tell me bout da main speaker da one which we use during cal is it loud enough? i wrk in crowded ofc n my recent phn cnt please my hears. wat bout it? n vil it b updated to coming soon kitkat

        • Anand Karwa says:

          The loudspeaker is loud enough to be heard in most of the places. Our sources inside Panasonic confirm that it will be updated to 4.2.2 but nothing has been said about v4.4

  • Harsh says:

    i am not able to find covers for t11 ??

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Harsh,
      You can reach out to Panasonic India on twitter and ask them.

      • Bhavin says:

        I want to ask tht like most of the mobile phones from the companies like Sony, samsung, LG or other phones, is this mobile phone P11 also “Made in China”? Do any phone in same segment of P11 which is any other country made accept China. Means, Made in Japan, Made in Thailand, Made in USA etc. available in India?

        • Anand Karwa says:

          Hi Bhavin,
          Yes, this phone is also made in China but it doesn’t mean that it is of low quality. Even the iPhones are assembled in China.
          Panasonic has a reputation to maintain so they have a number of number of quality checks in place to ensure that they build only quality products.

  • venuka sankhla says:

    In p11 contacts name replaced by other name and numbers also…
    How to stop it..

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Venuka,
      It looks like a software issue to us. What you can do is take a backup of the stuff (contacts, texts, apps etc) first and then try hard resetting the phone.

  • neha says:

    Hi Anand,
    It was a really nice and enlightening review. I recently read your review on Moto G as well. I am confused between these two phones. Price-wise and Dimensions wise P11 is better.
    Will P11 get upgraded to next anroid version. and if not will it make any big difference ?
    I am more inclined to buy Panasonic P11. It will be great if you can suggest which will be better. Functionality wise other than making calls Ill be using it for reading, listening music and watching videos plus a few games.

    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  • anand arora says:

    Hi sir
    I am using P 11mobile please help me how to use video calling as I m unable to find any option in this regards.
    Thanks for your help full guidelines.
    Please do the need full as early as possible. You can email me on my id.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Anand,

      The option for making a video call should be there in the dialer app. If it is not there then I fear that your phone doesn’t support video calling directly but don’t you worry. Use a 3rd party app like Skype or hangouts for making a video call.

  • sireesha says:

    But i can see Wifi Direct on my P11 phone and able to use it..i bought it recently..

  • Prashi says:

    What abt signal strength and voice clarity during conversation?
    many reviews talk abt all other things except these which is of main priority.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      The voice clarity was good. I didn’t experience any call clarity related issues like distorted voice etc during my testing.

  • Santosh Dolas says:


    We have bought two Panasonic P11 mobiles and now we are regretting for that. Both the mobiles getting very hot while playing games,while charging. if you know please share the customer care address near to thane or Dadar

  • Amit says:


    I purchased Panasonic P11 on 17/05/14, everything is working fine, until I downloaded Whatsapp and Skype. Neither I am able to sign in to Whatsapp since the security code is not coming nor I am able to login to Skype… It simply showing signing in and goes on…. Please let me know if there is anything which should be done in Panasonic P11?

    • Anand Karwa says:

      It seems like an issue with the network connectivity. Please make sure that your phone is connected to the internet and then try again.

  • Rajinder says:

    I have bought Panasonic P11 mobile and now the mobile getting very hot while playing games,while charging and while using internet. Sir please suggest the way forward.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Please visit your nearest Panasonic Mobile service if hard resetting the phone doesn’t solve the issue.

  • Devendra says:

    I have a Panasonic p11 phone. Accidentally that touch screen got broken can you let us know how much price i need to pay for it to get repair and where in Noida.

  • Mathew Jose says:

    Dear Anand

    I have 2-3 issues with my P11.
    Q1. Its sound system setting stopped functioning and showing the msg ‘Unfortunately, settings has stopped.’ Hence when call comes it doesnt make the sound

    Q2. To bring it back to normal, is any app is available? if so, which is that, so that I can download it

    Q3. To take the back up how do I do it. Can I connect it to Google+. What is the proecedure for that.

    Kindly help
    Mathew Jose

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