Panasonic T11 review – A solid performer with a blind eye

Before we start off with the review of this phone, I want to ask you to do one thing. Close your eyes, and imagine a printed Polaroid picture on one hand and a digital photo on the other.

Panasonic T11 Review

You may be wondering why I made you do that. That is somewhat the gist of what the experience of using the Panasonic T11 has been like. It has an old school charm of sorts. You ask how? Read on to find out!

Where does the phone figure out in the universe of android phones?

Panasonic has been on a launching spree in India lately. This is one of their latest phones. The Panasonic T11 retails at around Rs. 9000 – in other words an entry level android market. Now this term is arguable because androids are now available at 4000 ish range, but honestly the experience is pathetic at that price.

So this phone is mostly likely to be your first (or second) android. And you expect it to be a good companion for most of the basic needs. And the competition is not easy either – loads of local manufacturers practically rule this segment. Best of luck Panasonic!

Our Promise 

We review phones with an obsessive focus on the experience that really matters to you. We don’t care about specifications, we will tell you what you will really feel while using the phone. And needless to say, we maintain total integrity and truthfulness in our reviews.

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Pros and Cons

  • Does not feel fragile
  • Gaming is  a good experience
  • Solid UI and smooth operations
  • Good value for money

  • Bad camera details
  • Pathetic speakerphone
  • Ringtone should be louder
  • Heating can be annoying

User Experience

i. Design – The iPhone 3GS

Like I said earlier, the phone has a certain old school charm. Do you remember those old Nokia phones? You would not feel afraid of dropping those phones. This one feels similarly sturdy.

The phone screen has a lot of margin both below and above it, a rare thing in todays smartphones. The look reminds one of the iPhone 3GS. It has a nice chrome bezel around the front half. And the quality of the bezel seems good. So it probably won’t be getting eroded over time.

The plastic quality is cheap. But less than Samsung anyway!

Size is extremely manageable, so you will not have a problem fitting it in the pocket. Even girls will find the phone easy to carry.

The buttons and sensors are generally traditionally placed. The only exception is the power & lock button. Its placement on the top of the phone is annoying. But a smaller size does make it a little less annoying.

All in all the phone is not a looker, but will grow on you. It feels sturdy and durable. And the size is quite good too.

ii. User Interface : Naked android

This is one front where Panasonic disappoints us. Panasonic is a well known name in the consumer industry, and we expected they will put in more efforts on the software they provide.

The android is quite bare in this phone. There are a few customizations, if any. But the good thing is that the phone interface does not lag. No matter what you throw at it. And this is aided by a good touch response.

[gard align=”center”]

The experience across almost all of the menus was seamless. Multi – task or single task, the phone does not get slowed down. Transitions are present but will not get long and slow.

One of the funny experiences was the task manager. Most other phones will show the recent apps on holding down the home key. We tried a lot and finally figured out you need to double tap for that.

For getting a good experience out of this phone, you will have to customize it and put in apps from the play store.

iii. Display – Does a good job

The phone has a reasonable sized 4” screen. With a resolution of 480×800, the phone has a decently crisp screen. The screen won’t hold a candle to today’s HD screens, but then the price is low too.

The screen feels to be a little small given the large margins it has around the phone. But the size is decent for most uses. That also makes it easy and convenient to be used with a single hand.

The colours on the screen are quite natural. Sharpness is good owing to the smaller size. And contrast is also good.

The phone has limited brightness options – Low, medium high and Auto. The lack of a brightness adjustment slider might seem like a missing point but the auto adjust works fine so that should not be a big problem.

Screen does not have a problem with washing out when seen from an angle. Most of the usable spectrum of angles is handled nicely by the screen.

Reflectivity hampers sunlight visibility. The brightness makes it readable but only by a small margin. A little more brightness would have been good for outdoor use. Indoors it is alright.

All put together, the screen is a nice package at the price. You won’t be complaining about it any time soon.

iv. Typing: A pain

Single handed typing is honestly a pain. And the absence of swipe is even worse.

You will have to buy something like SwiftKey to be able to use the typing freely. This is specifically for the portrait mode.

Things get much better in landscape mode. They typing is much more intuitive and you won’t have to pull your hair out in frustration.

I strongly recommend you get Swipe up and running on your phone if you plan on getting this one.

Voice dictation and other features are hogwash anyway – I don’t know a single person who has used it successfully in daily life.

One more annoying thing is the lack of good smileys.

v. Browsing: You will be doing a lot of it

Browsing on this phone is a good experience. The page load is generally quick with the occasional hiccup. The default android browser is snappy and the pinch to zoom works alright.

I expected that at the given resolution, reading with zoomed in text will be an eyesore. But surprisingly the text maintains good fidelity even when you zoom in fully. It remains nice and crisp.

The night I spent in bed with the Panasonic T11 was quite good for the price. I mean browsing , for the perverts among you!

Downloading chrome is recommended. Even that works without any hiccups.


Camera : Good focus, but details are zilch

Panasonic T11 Review

The camera is a disappointment. To summarize all of it, the 5 MP camera had potential but in the end it fails.

Camera button is not present, but on such a phone it may not really be a must-have.

Let’s first start with the positives of the camera. The focus is exceptional! The way it adjusts to a whole range of distances was really surprising. And this seems to be the norm with all Panasonic phones like the P51 and the Panasonic P11.

The focus adjusts to close macro shots really well. We tried focussing in some scenarios which would have generally been problematic (Read. Transparent windshield and dots on it) but the camera held its end up well.

The colour reproduction is very real too. One of the only cameras where it is not saturated (over coloured) or washed out. Just as or eyes see it.

The problem starts when you start looking for details. Because there aren’t any!

The 5 MP shooter feels inadequate in today’s digitally connected world. Had there been a capability to capture details well, this camera would have been a delight for using.

There is HDR and a set of some more functions. But with the lack of detail it’s a waste.


Downscaled Camera Samples at 90% Quality

One fun thing in this low end device was Picture-In-Picture (PIP). The PIP attached clearly shows my editor’s displeasure and my happiness about the fact that his more expensive test phone did not have it 🙂


Video Recording Test : 72op

Multi-media: No hit, only a missPanasonic T11 Review

The speakers are well, to put it mildly, like a ‘Fata Tambura’. (Broken musical instrument for those who do not get Hindi). They are a little on the less loud scale for volume. But what really kills it is the bad quality. Different sounds are not easily discernable!

The first time I saw the phone a

nd it straightaway looked like an iphone. But the similarities don’t end there, they run deep. The earphones are a ditto replica of the iphone’s old ones. The colour combination, number of holes and everything else is exactly the same.

music player equalizer

Plagiarism aside, the earphones are a much better way to listen to music on this phone. We would have like them better if they would have been the ‘in ear’ ones which is like the industry norm now a days.

So on the music front, the best experience I had was with wires in my ears. If you wish to listen to music on the speaker, please go somewhere else.

If you wish to try stunts and listen to music on the speakers despite all that, Panasonic awards your bravery with an equaliser in your arsenal. You can tweak it around, but honestly you would have spent your time better chasing stray dogs.

The volume of the ringtone is sufficient. Because of the feature phone like build, I had an impression that it would be loud. But alas!

Let me tell you one funny incident demonstrating my point. The phone was next to my younger cousins pillow while he was in the middle of his afternoon nap. I could not find it for the life of me. He had picked it up and fell asleep while playing Subway surfer on it. So I called the phone.

Not once or twice, 9 times!

And he dint budge from his sleep.

I don’t know if it was the large amount of food he had just devoured, but I suspect that was because of the comparatively non loud ringtone volume.

Generally we cover the UI and stock music player features in this section. But I have to tell you, I won’t be doing that. The stock UI is much less than what experience an Android can give you.

Please go ahead and download better alternatives. This will be a big favour to you and all of our kind.

Video experience is alright. The display is good while the speakers are a little on the problematic side. But putting all

of it together, you will enjoy the experience. 720p and 1080p will not play on this device. Live happily ever after with 480p. Skipping to various parts of the video is a breeze!


Hardware performance: Dabbang/Solid

The hardware performs nicely just like its sibling, the Panasonic P11. This is one of the astonishing points in this phone: it’s a solid performer.

Now you might say that since it can’t play 720p or 1080p. But honestly those things don’t matter at this price point.

In terms of how it operates, the phone is butter smooth. Irrespective of how many ever apps you multi task with, the phone will not lag. Its basic menu and interface remains responsive and quick. That is such a pleasure to use. Third similar point to apple!

Steve Jobs has been re incarnated at Panasonic, no?


Games run brilliantly on this phone. We tried the following popular games on the phone, and they worked really well.

  • Temple Run 2
  • Subway Surfers
  • Temple run Oz
  • Guns N Glory
  • Beach Buggy Blitz

My younger cousin told me he wants to buy this phone within 2 minutes of playing Subway Surfers on it. And that’s saying something!

BatteryPanasonic T11 Review

The phone battery is not exceptional. But it should easily last you a day with good heavy use. We tested it heavily all day and it still had about 35% battery left by late night. So a nice thumbs up for that!

One complaint I had is the heating. It is not unbearable. But with a non-high performance processor they could have made the heating better.



 Panasonic T11 Review

The connectivity options are  standard. Nothing exceptional but nothing important is missing either. The usual barrage of options like 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi are present.

Box Contents

Panasonic T11 Review

Final Verdict

No nonsense phone

The Panasonic T11 is definitely worth its asking price. Even though it disappoints in the camera section, it has some very good features like picture-in-picture. So, if you are looking for a branded phone under 9k INR and do not care about photography that much then this is it.

  • looking for a good value for money phone
  • A gamer
  • In search for a branded phone at local price

  • Are planning to listen to music on speakers
  • Like photography
  • Are picky about aesthetics and looks

You ought to know this- Why we don’t trust specifications?


Panasonic T11: Specifications


Panasonic T11

Processor (CPU) 1.2GHz quad-core
Display Type TFT LCD Capacitive
Size & Resolution 4inch, 480x800pixels
Primary Camera 5MP, LED Flash, 2592 x 1944pixels
Secondary Camera 0.3MP, 640 x 480 Pixels
Android OS Android 4.1 JellyBean
Battery 1500mAh
Memory Internal- 1GB, microSD card upto 32GB
Connectivity USB Yes
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi with Hotspot & Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth Yes
Dimensions 112.60 x 63.50 x 9.20mm
FM Yes
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Light sensor & Proximity sensor
Dual SIM Yes
Colors Black
Online Price Rs. 9,650



  • Jazeem says:

    Thanks for the review. I was looking for a handy phone yet with decent hardware for some time. I think this fits the bill but only disappointment is the battery. Though you mentioned the stock android as one of the cons, I liked it. the internal memory is only 4gb, if they had customized the UI there would not have been any space left for user.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      @Jazeem: Many users like stock Android whereas the others don’t. Its a matter of personal taste.
      PS: Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  • Anurag says:

    A nice step by step review. But T21 is the one I’m really looking forward to. When are you reviewing the same? And please write a thing or two about its Broadcom chipset. How it fares against the T11 and P11 chipsets. Eagerly waiting. Thanks.

  • sufyan says:

    very well written, keep it up!!

  • Intezar says:

    I have bought it for 8436.00 from eBay. am I deceived?

  • intezar ali says:

    thanks Ankur,

    really a good site.
    hope your site will become more popular than ***

    keep it up .

    • Ankur says:

      Thank you so much! We will make it happen, especially with readers like you. So if you know anyone who needs reviews, do recommend us 🙂

  • garry aneja says:

    What about its battery performance?plz give some reviews about its battery performance also….

  • Arju says:

    can anyone tell me how to take screenshots in Panasonic p11 without downloading any screenshot app..

  • Arju says:

    can anyone tell me how to take screenshots in Panasonic p11 without downloading any screenshot app..
    urgent plzzz

  • Arjun says:

    can anyone tell me how to take screenshots in Panasonic p11 without downloading any screenshot app..
    PAnasonic p11
    n if u can also tell me some more good features to use in it.

  • Arjun says:

    Ankur I did it but nothing happened..

    • Ankur says:

      That worked for us even on the testing model. Try out volume down + menu key. It is not likely to work but does not hurt to try. Also the power key is the one used for locking, the one on the side. Dont mean to say you do not know which one it is, but some people do tend to confuse power key with the menu key.

  • Arjun says:

    power off key + vol down took d screen shot one time but not working again.

  • Arjun says:

    I got it Ankur.. thanks buddy..

  • Arjun says:

    it wud be really helpful of u if u can tell n guide me sum more interesting features of Panasonic p11?

    • Ankur says:

      The phone comes with basic software. But with all the good performance it has and the applications available on the app store, it should be fun. Off the top of my mind here is a list of apps you can try out: opensignal, flipboard, Fweather widget, CPU-Z, Jango radio, instagram,Photo effects (by radium one), sygic india gps.

      Also do search on google for apps based on what you like. Eg. Best music apps for android.

      The number of apps is so large that we can not cover all of them well 🙂

  • Ankit Jain says:

    Which is the exact gpu in this panasonic t11.I want to buy this phone but please confirm me the GPU?Powervr or Adreno?

  • manreet mann says:

    that’s how the mobile phone review should be !!!!!!!!!! ……… well done

  • Pratik says:

    Nice review! Now i am confused between Micromax Canvas Fun A74 and this one? What’s your suggestion ?

    • Ankur says:

      Performance wise the T11 is much better. Normal UI is totally lag free while the A74 did face some lags. If performance is your priority, you should go for T11.

      A warning: We have not been able to conduct a in depth review. This is my judgement so do check the A74 in person once. The T11 has been tested thoroughly and it performed very well.

  • Ankit Jain says:

    I have also choosed Spice coolpad 2 mi 496..Ankur bro is it also qualcomm and adreno 203?Can you review it or confirm me.I will be very thankfull to you

    • Ankur says:

      Will ask in the market and get back to you asap. Also if you can do email spice about providing us a handset. We are also talking to them but when customers ask them they provide review handsets quickly.

  • Subhasish Chakraborty says:

    I have chosen Xolo Q800 and Panasonic T11. According to you which one should I buy? My priorities are good after sales service, good quality of components used in the device ,good build quality and a good performer.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      I’d prefer Xolo Q800 over T11 if performance is concerned.

      Panasonic T11 over Xolo Q800:
      Good after sales services.
      Quality testing

      Xolo Q800 over T11
      Better performance
      Better display etc.

      I think this information would be enough for you to take a decision.

  • Abdul Rehman says:

    Hi Guys, can you guide me which one is better, as I have Panasonic T11, T21 and samsung galaxy s duos s7562 in mind. If you could give me the reason that would be great.

  • Paramjit says:

    I have purchased a panasonic t11 from local vendor for 8550/-. Featurewise its the best you can get for this price. But, the sad part is battery. It takes much more time to charge than to get discharged. It took 4 hours to charge from 0 to 100 and just 3 hours of normal use to again get back to 0. Battery sucks….. Is somebody else is also facing same problem or its just me????.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Paramjit,
      We used for a few days and didn’t experience such poor battery backups. There has to be something wrong with it or your normal usage implies heavy gaming. 😀

      • Paramjit says:

        No bro, i have not installed a single game on it till now. I only use opera mini and whatsapp messenger.
        I think i have to purchase a power bank and tie it up to the phone.

    • Intezar Ali says:

      Dear paramjeet,

      I have bought ir from ebay for 8436.00, battery charging problem is same as you are facing.
      compass is not working, do you have the same problem.


      • Paramjit says:

        Intezar bro, i checked the sensors by an app from play store it says there is no compass sensor in it. Battery is pathetic.

    • Vikas says:

      Yes I also find same problem.I don’t we only facing this or this is the phone specification

    • Chandra Prakash says:

      You are write paramjeet battery not up to the mark and giving review by this site not true. I think this the partner of Panasonic mobile company for dump cell phone selling for Panasonic.

  • Intezar Ali says:

    Dear Ankur,

    I have purchsed T11 fro ebay, Battery takes whole night to charge,
    Compass and Water Leveler is not working, company website tells that mobile has digital compass sensor, please tell me how to make compass working.

  • Intezar Ali says:

    Can you suggest any 3×9 portrait keypad software,
    as you reviewed that single hand typing is a pain.
    and i am facing the same.

  • sudesh says:

    Which phone is better:
    Sony Xperia M or Panasonic T11.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      We haven’t tested Xperia M yet, so can’t give any opinions.

    • intezar ali says:

      Xperia M is worth Rs 12500.00 and T11 is worth Rs 8500.00,

      t11 is dual sim phone and 1500 mah battery.
      Xperia M has 1750 mAh battery and compass sensor.

      and every thing is almost same, decide your self.

  • Mahesh Rawat says:

    Reading your review of Panasonic T11, I purchased Panasonic T11 3-4 days ago. But there are two major problems with the phone.
    1. When I tried its camera, I was surprised to see the horrible images it captured. Camera quality is very dark and photos are much worse as compared to photo samples available on your website. I have checked all the settings but in vain. I think something is wrong with my phone.
    2. Battery backup is very poor. I managed only 1.5-2 hours for continuous usages and only 6-7 hours for moderate usage. In your review it should last a day for normal to moderate usages.

    Now I tried to contact Panasonic customer support on 18001028989 but it is not working. I want to know that Panasonic has DOA policy for replacement this phone with a new one? I purchased it online so I cannot confirm it from there. Please help me regarding this matter because I am totally frustrated.

  • Alok singh says:

    Hey! Guys plz sugest me….i want to buy a mobile near about 10000 plz give me some suggestion.

  • Alok singh says:

    Dear ankur plz tell me which is better micromax canvas doodle or t11 plz tell me or give me other option near about 10000.

    • Ankur says:

      Hi alok!

      We have a specific page dedicated to answering our readers questions about selecting a specific phone. Here is the link. Please use the form. Make sure you subscribe and also specify what you are looking for in a phone. That will help us answer your question properly as different phones are good at different functions.

  • Alok singh says:

    Dear Ankur my requirement-gud battry life,fast internet surfing and downloading,gud camra and video quality,whatsup, skype,line etc are supported,no hanging prob. Which mobile will be better under 10000.plz suggest me i m very confused.

  • Hari says:

    Dear Ankur / All,

    I have ordered T11 online and got it yesterday

    1. Earpiece volume is low and in full volume voice clarity is very bad and unable to understand what others are talking.

    2. Poor battery backup.

    I have contacted the seller they are asking DOA from panasonic service

    Any suggestions please

    • Ankur says:

      Battery seems to be a common issue with the T11. Do contact their customer care all along. Also try tweeting to them, it might work.

  • Suresh AC says:

    Hi Anannd

    Thank you so much for the detailed review.I checked some youtube reviews regarding this panasonic T 11 but i am just satisfied with your review.I am planing for my first smart phone.I am little confused between Windows and Android.Can you suggest me which smart phone is better under 10k sector for beginner.I am looking for brand value(Nokia,HTC,Panasonic,Samsung).My least priority is for samsung and most priority is for Panasonic t11.I am not a gamer but want to hear music, use internet and photoghraphy.Thank you so much Anand

  • Alok singh says:

    Dear ankur sir plz tell me somthing…..

  • I am planning to buy this phone.Thanks for this full-fledged Description.

  • Tazz says:

    Yaar i liked your review..but tell me openly about its 1)battery removable or non removable
    2)its ram,rom,internal
    3)processor – chipset type – quad core which type
    4)battery backup
    5)sensors working ok or not
    6)most important – wt about its SAR value..x!

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Tazz,
      The battery can be removed. We didn’t check the chipset and processor of the phone as it worked really well. Battery backup is ok but users complain that the phone gets heated up very quickly. Sensors work fine.

  • riju says:

    I have nokia Lumia 520…can someone please tell me whether the display of Panasonic t11 is better than Lumia 520 or not???

    • Ankur says:

      Hi Riju.

      We will put both the phones side by side and let you know which one is better. Ill try to get it done asap but it might take a couple of days so do bear with us please 🙂

  • kulkesh says:

    I have purchased T11 & my experience is very very bad. After using 15 days the speaker is out of order. There is no service centre in Vadodara to repair. Absolute waste of money. Do not purchase without viewing the review of the phone

  • Amit says:

    While accessing gallery it says ‘Storage is not available’. I have installed moser baer 8gb memory card. Same with camera also. I need to reboot the phone to work it again.

    Please help me.

  • noor says:

    Hello sir I am confused between two android phones :- iball andi 4.5 k6 and T11 . can anyone suggest me which phone to buy . I want a phone for gaming , internet surfing and to watch videos

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Noor,
      By bad camera details we mean that the camera is not able to capture fine details. Check out the attached camera samples and see for yourself.
      We have a dedicated section to help people make a wise decision while buying a new phone. Head on to our ask-us page and send a query to our experts.

  • noor says:

    What do u mean by bad camera details

  • noor says:

    Sorry sir but i dont understand that what is bad camera details . Are you mean by camera quality ?

  • noor says:

    Sir what do u mean by details in camera . Details like pic size etc type or not . pplease help me

  • noor says:

    Oh thank you sir.Thankyou
    and sir what is UI smooth UI means ?

  • noor says:

    Can we can play 1080p videos with mx player and is the phone can be updated to kitkat

    • Anand Karwa says:

      We test the video playback only on the stock video player but we believe that the phone is capable of playing full HD videos smoothly. Just install MX player and the necessary codecs (if required).
      Last time we contacted Panasonic, we got the information that the all of their recent phones shall be updated to Android v4.2.2. They haven’t released the android update roadmap for their devices.
      We’ll get in touch with them and update the post accordingly.

  • noor says:

    Ok thankyou ! Can we can take screenshots from the phome while playing games,videos etc

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Yes, you can take screenshots of almost everything in all latest android smartphones. It supports LPDDR2 RAM. We were unable to install high-end games on our test unit. But games like Temple Run Oz run just fine.

  • noor says:

    Which type of ram it has how much is free and can the phone can play nova3 smoothly

  • noor says:

    Thankyou ! Can it can play games which samsung s3 can

  • Hari says:

    Purchased on 30th dec. Found heating issue and battery issue .contacted customer care. Phone given to service centre. They confirmed it has pcb issue. Again i contact customer care. Today i got confirmation for replacement. Totally not up to the brand name. But superb ui,no lag. Need to use atleas for 1 week and then review.

  • dupen says:

    hey can u pliz help me
    im planin to buy a phone with 1gb ram below 10000
    i dont prefer online stores …i’d like to get the real launched price pliz help????

  • P Sharma says:

    Hello All,

    You are all talking about phone best part but no one talking memory card problem like
    Amit says:
    November 19, 2013 at 7:19 pm
    While accessing gallery it says ‘Storage is not available’. I have installed moser baer 8gb memory card. Same with camera also. I need to reboot the phone to work it again.

    Amit Please help me how you handel from memory card problem, company was replaced the phone or not.

    If yes then what is the process


  • raj kamal upadhyay says:

    Can you please suggest me alternative of panasonic t11 battery

  • Niraj Thapa says:

    I have some questions over
    reason of selection andriod over firefox

  • Niraj Thapa says:

    Can i have a explain on andriod vs firefox os
    similarites nd differences

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