Samsung Galaxy Core Review: Wastes Your Money to the Core

Samsung Galaxy Core is one of those similar looking Galaxy devices and is available at INR 14,600 in India. It faces a tough competition from Micromax Canvas HD, Nokia Lumia 620, Lumia 720, Xperia Neo L, Xperia Miro, Karbonn Titanium S5, Lava Iris 504Q & Xolo Play.

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It is a dual SIM phone lying between Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro & Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Samsung is the most recognized Android brand in India & often it uses its brand name to sell phone at slightly less specifications. Let us see if this phone is worth the name.

Samsung Galaxy Core Specifications


Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262

Chipset MSM8625
Processor (CPU) 1.2 GHz dual-core Cortex A5
GPU Adreno 203
Display Type TFT LCD 16M colors
Size & Resolution 4.3”, 480 x 800 px, 217 ppi
Camera PrimarySecondary 5MP, AF, LED flash, 480p video recording @30fpsVGA
Android OS 4.1.2 JB
Battery Li-Ion 1800mAh
Memory 8GB internal (User Available: 4.75GB), upto 32GB via microSD
Connectivity USB Micro USB v2.0
HSPA+ HSDPA- 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA- 5.76 Mbps
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Hotspot & WiFi Direct
Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP
GPS Supports A-GPS
Dimensions 129.3 x 67.6 x 9 mm
Weight 124 gm
Sensors Proximity, Accelerometer, Magnetic Sensor.
Dual SIM Yes, dual standby
Colors Blue, White
Online Price 13,250 INR

Pros and Cons

  •  Brand Name
  • TouchWiz UI

  • Audio Levels
  • Camera

What does the Retail Package come with?

  1. The Handset & a 1800mAh Li-Ion battery.
  2. USB Cable, Charger, Headphones.
  3. User Manual, Warranty Card

Design: The Galaxy Taste

The phone is made from the same plastic material as its other Galaxy siblings.

The finish of the phone is similar to that of Galaxy Grand, SIII, Note II excluding the current flagship, the Galaxy S4.

The phone is likely to survive a few falls & impacts. The phone might not look rough and tough but it can take a few bumps on its plastic body.

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User Interface

Core has Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which is not very beautiful but has many useful functions. No extra efforts were taken to make the phone look different from its other family members.

The UI is smooth & fluid when there are not many applications running. But as you dump more & more apps into the phone, the UI seems to be less responsive & has more lags.

It is equipped with those Samsung features like- Blocking Mode, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, Shake to Update, Turn over to mute/pause, Power Saving Mode, Video Trim, Scheduled Message.

Screen and Display

The Galaxy Core sports a 4.3 inch TFT LCD display having a display resolution of 480×800 pixels which translates to an acceptable 217 ppi. Colors are somewhat oversaturated and the sharpness is not so great but it’s more than okay for a phone belonging to this price segment.

We couldn’t test the sunlight legibility thoroughly due to the cloudy weather but we can assure that you’ll be able to read properly in sunlight.

Images could be viewed from almost any horizontal angles, but at the extreme horizons, it would be little difficult to view the images clearly. As the phone has 4.3” display; you can reach the 3 corners of the phone using your single hand.

Sound and Multimedia

Again Samsung has disappointed us with the sound quality of this phone. The audio levels are so low at maximum that you will surely miss some incomings when you are at crowded or noisy place.

The speaker is located next to the camera. So if you’re phone is kept on the bed, on its back, the sound will be very low. The inbuilt music player had basic functionalities like equaliser, shuffle, repeat.

The video player seems to be better than those in the stock android. But it cannot play flv & mkv formats. Moreover, it supports maximum 480p videos; so say goodbye to 720p & 1080p videos.


Galaxy core sports 4.3″ screen which makes single-handed operations possible on the phone in portrait mode. It also has the standard 3 x 4 keyboard.

You can use Voice Dictation if you have internet connectivity.

It has continuous input feature which is better known as Swype. On a personal basis, this feature would be very useful. The auto prediction is there to assist you when you are not using continuous input but it is sometimes over eager to auto-correct the input text and might cause a few typos.


The stock browser has all the features like multiple tabs, bookmarks, save for offline reading, desktop view.

The pinch to zoom & double tap zoom works well. Page scrolling is smooth. It can load flash content. With proper brightness levels, reading huge articles from the web wouldn’t be a strain.

All is good here.

Hardware Performance:

The phone has 1.2 GHz dual core processor coupled with Adreno 203 graphics unit & 1GB RAM which looks good on paper, but not at all good for our, level 3 multi-tasking.

When you use the internal memory via USB, the UI becomes as sluggish as a snail. Core passes our level 2 multitasking test, but fails the level 3 and games like Temple Run 2 & Temple Run Oz started facing lags.

Startup Time– 41.9 secs

Restart Time– 59.4 secs


Benchmark Score
Antutu 6742
Quadrant Standard 3231
Nenamark 2 33.2 fps

Apps & Games: The Playboy World

Galaxy Core has many bloatwares like Samsung apps, Chat ON, & others which remind you of the “Playboy”- Play Magazine, Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies.

Games like temple run 2 & subway surfer run lag free if you have not loaded your memory heavily.


Samsung Galaxy Core has all those standard connectivity features like GPS (with A-GPS), Bluetooth v3.0 (with A2DP), 3G, USB v2.0, WiFi Hotspot & WiFi Direct. But it misses some of the features like USB OTG which you can easily find in some local brands like Lava Iris 504Q.

Battery life

Galaxy Core has 1800mAh Li-Ion battery that is less than regular 2000mAh provided by the local brands. But the software optimisations done by the manufacturer makes it much better than those regular ones.

Another problem we found out was that it gets heated up very quickly even after watching video for a short time. It is not unbearable but it shouldn’t happen.

Final Verdict

Not worth the Price

Samsung Galaxy Core is available at INR 14,600 but it lands nowhere near local brand devices like Xolo Play, Micromax Canvas HD and Lava Iris 504Q which are cheaper than Core.

If you buy this device, than you can only get the Galaxy design & the standard TouchWiz UI with additional features that Samsung provides. You will lack a better camera & better audio levels in this phone.

Other alternatives- Xolo Play, Canvas 2 Plus, Canvas HD, Lava Iris 504Q,

Buy Galaxy Core Now.

  • A Die-Hard Samsung Fan
  • Not a gamer

  • Bored of Galaxy Designs
  • A Music Lover
  • Photography Enthusiast

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  • Marko says:

    Text is filled with lies. Multitasking is great, games like Real Racing, Real Football, which are more demanding than Temple run 3, are going very, very smooth. Camera is great, I use it all the time, and I was surprised how pictures at night are good. It doesn’t heats at all also. Sound is good, and you can hear it always. And if you wanna listen music a little louder, like I do, go and buy yourself a nice headphones.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Marko, I don’t know how you define multi-tasking but we test multi-tasking by running 15 heavy apps in the background.
      Have you even used the camera of HTC One, iPhone 5 or even Galaxy S4? Heating also depends on the ambient temperature. If you live near the poles, then you won’t even feel the phone’s heat.

      I know that headphones are better but most of the people don’t use them all the time.
      And talking about lies, you look very biased towards what you have bought. Please do not misguide others.

      • riaz says:

        Review is good. But for longer run , you gonna love the device. And sorry anand ji , but i think comparing core with htc one is professional or even rational. Based on its price and specification, core and htc one and s4 i5 they are not even close. core is about its stability and peace of mind. Runs nfs most wanted asphalt 8 smoothly. Benchmarking doesnt prove everything. When you review something, bw neutral. If u hate a brand, just dont comment. Its been 1and half years and my core running superb. Only stupid one watches hd videos on a handheld. What u get better at 4.3 inch ?? U wanna watch some hd use laptops or led tvs. Even i5 i6 i7 qont gie u that experience. Next time before reviewing a device make sure to find the purpose of designing the device. Is it for regular use or a gaming one? 15 application my ass. What are y trying to get from 1gb ram ??

    • Jose says:

      @Marko you seem to be working for Samsung?
      The camera sucks big time & multi-tasking is full of shit. May be you dont know what is multitasking.
      Do you always plug your earphones into your ears??? Who does that lol…
      I regret buying this phone as i sold it off within a month at Rs. 7000. 🙁 🙁
      Dont buy this plzzzzz

  • rahul says:

    yesterday I got the message that your galaxy core battery get crashed and charging doesnot discharged I.e.after 1hour it shows same pecentage of charging but when I restart everything is fine ..any impact from this??????????

  • Mohak says:

    Lol, I watch movies all day on it and it DOES NOT gets heated!
    Also, don’t compare with locals, ever saw no. of complaints about micromax? These stand nowhere near branded samsung.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Which resolution movies do you watch? Watching HD videos is much more taxing on the processor and therefore thermal dissipation systems than say, 480p videos.

      We do agree with local phones having a much larger magnitude of complaints as compared to Samsung. But then it does not matter statistically what datasets exist. Even if the one phone you own is fraught with issues, that’s all that it takes to create a distasteful experience.

      Also on another note I must congratulate you. Unlike most of the core devices we have come across, yours tends to not get heated. In today’s scenario when phones err towards having more problems, getting a phone that over performs than the average one, is nothing short of really good luck.

  • Amit says:

    1st thing incomplete review
    In my Friends group 18-20 people own Micromax,Lava phones, ends up complaining.
    Galaxy core’s Camera quality is reasonable for its price, What do you expect DSLR camera quality at 13K, then go ahead and buy Lumia 1020

    Before Judging and writing conclusion or reviewing any smartphone, Test it for atleast one month.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Amit,
      I’m sorry for the inconvenience but which part of the review did you find incomplete?
      We couldn’t upload the camera samples of the Galaxy Core but they were not impressive. So we’ll not recommend this phone to anyone who loves photography.
      And Amit, Lumia 1020 has a great camera but its quality is nowhere near any DSLR of the current times. It can beat the entry-level point and shoot cameras and all the camera smartphones.
      One month of testing is not required for reviewing any phone. Our tests are made for power usage which help us find any problem related to the performance within no time. Also the companies do not provide the demo units for a month but if they do then we’d love to use them for that long.

  • Nicky Sharma says:

    Just was going through your review and conversation, Thanks for sharing your views. But you are directly saying “Waste of Money” – How it can be waste of money if we buy Core. And it seems you are somebit arrogance – you dont want to listen other’s view.. Yes, If you are saying – waste of money, then you should put it with perfect reasoning & with perfect solution. Seems you are biased with samsung :-). This is not a technical review – Nothing technical details mentioned in this review. This will just create confusion.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hello Nicky,
      First of all, thank you sharing your thoughts with us. 🙂
      What do you mean by tech. review? If you are interested in specifications review then you, my friend, have come to the wrong place. We do not recommend phones based on hardware specs only. I, as an electronic and telecomm. graduate, understand what the specifications mean but most of people do not. Hence, we do not do spec review. What is the point of writing a very technical review if the audience isn’t able to grasp what is being talked about.

      We at MJ do not write biased reviews. The same can be observed by reading our reviews. For e.g.- You are saying that I don’t like Samsung. Have you read our reviews of Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, S4, Note II & Note 3 ? These reviews will definitely convince you to take your words back.

      Reviews are an analysis of performance, UX and many other things of the DUT (device under test). If the device performs well in the all the fields then it receives a positive review or else we have to point out its shortcomings.

      I don’t know what you can do to improve the performance of the phone unless you install custom firmware on it.
      I hope this will make things clear and will not create more confusion. What do you say?

    • Geeta Biswas says:

      Hey Nicky,
      Do you work for Samsung or are you being paid up for taking their side.
      I remember about a news that Samsung paid up masses to criticize HTC products. Are you one of those people? 😉 😀 lolz

  • Ramesh Saini says:

    I bought this phone in January 2014, now the problem is, after playing games like subway surfer, temple run 2, clash of clans, etc. Sometimes it’s display turns to black and white from colorful. So, i have to restart the phone to get all the color display.

    Is this some problem in my phone?

    So, a little help will be useful.
    Thanks… !!

  • Sam says:

    Hey having like almost the same problem with you here. My galaxy core display..the colors i mean here. Sometimes..the color would like fading?? I thought that im having a problem with my eyes when it first come to me but then after a couple more times im very sure that the colors are fading. well i didn’t restart the phone to fix it..I just open up some Colorful wallpapers..very bright ones to force the phone to go max on its display and it was fixed for a period of time of course like 7-8 days..Would like to know how to fix this..not a very troublesome problem but it was a lil bit annoying. :\

  • qudus butt says:

    i have a prblem with my galaxy core head phone settings

  • mehul Patel says:

    my earphone is not working on it
    I can’t listen music with earphone.

  • Ravi says:

    Awesome Phone No Doubt………… A Wrong Review LOL
    I Used It More Than Month. The Phone Never Heats Even With 1080p Videos Using MX Player. Games Like Asphalt 7 Runs Smooth (Apshalt 8 Lag At Starting) It Has Best After Sale Service, Best Screen In This Range. And You Are Talking Abt iphone5. Do You Know The Price Is 5x The Core. Compare With It’s Alternatives Like Sony, HTC They Are No Where. MotoG Has Lag In Real Racing 3 But Core Runs It Smooth. Samsung Rules

  • Gokul says:

    hi…….fnds is ter any other way to connect otg to this device????

  • vikalp maurya says:

    Samsung core is seriously a dumb phone….and a waste of money..I habv bought it seriously regrect.none of its configuration are satisfying for the price…Samsung sucks..I hav anothe phone:xolo a500 half its price and runs smoothet than core

  • saurav says:

    I am not able to listen to video and music with the earphones…
    plzzzz help…

  • Aiman Ansari says:

    This article is full of lies…
    I have this phone… with nfs most wanted… real football 10 &12…
    Dream league… and camera is great…
    Even in s4 we can’t reach to top left corner…
    I have tried it…
    For music we can use headphone…
    And the best thing in core is his back blue colour…. and samsung has Touchwiz… so don’t compare with micromax xolo nokia…
    And we can root it…
    In root memory card will distribute in two parts…
    1 for ram 2 for external memory…
    2gb ram is great… Please don’t believe in this damn article….

    • Sanand Karwa says:

      Hi Aiman,
      We are happy that you are not encountering any lags while playing games on Galaxy Core. However, before criticizing the review you should always read what other people are saying about the phone. Noticing lags is a subjective matter. Some can notice even the slightest of a frame drop while the others don’t.
      We only write what we see/experience.
      Thanks for sharing our thoughts and opinions about the phone.

  • Adarsh says:

    U r nthing in field of giving reviews in smartphones in front of geeky ranjit jst see his review on core in youtube thn sy smthing >_<

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Adarsh,
      Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us. 🙂 We will definitely work to make our reviews even better.

  • Krishnamoorthy says:

    when the vedio songs running in the galaxy core i8262 audio is not coinside with vedio , how to solve the problem.

    • Anand Karwa says:

      The problem most likely lies with the video format. It is seems to me that the video that you are trying to play is of higher resolution than the phone can play correctly.
      Try using some video player app like MXPlayer and let me know if it solves your problem. Check S/W decoder in MXPlayer.

  • kaavya says:

    Hi folks
    i have been using core for the past five months and its great so far.Touchwood!
    got it for 12000 and i think its worth the money!
    last week i got a memory card and
    The only hitch is ,at times,it doesnt
    recognise the existence of memory card in it.Any ideas,why so?

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hello Kaavya,
      We haven’t experienced any issue where the microSD card is not detected by the phone at certain times. It just works or it doesn’t.
      1. Try formatting your memory card by connecting it your computer. If the problem was arising due to some corrupt files in the file system, then it should disappear.
      2. If the above step doesn’t help, then try some other microSD card in your phone. If your phone doesnt read that card too then you should consider resetting your phone and God forbids, take it to the service center. If the other card doesn’t cause any issue then the first card might be the one causing problems.
      I hope it helps.

  • rishabh kumar says:

    Sir my battery is not charging properly as it is showing same percentage after it is plugged I for a long time sir what to do and I have also restarted it and it is not get charged soon…..

    • Anand Karwa says:

      Hi Rishabh,
      If you have kept is discharged for a long time then you will need to get the battery charged from the service center. Normal charger wouldn’t charge it.
      Second option would be to factory reset the phone after taking a backup of your important data. This helps in situation where the firmware is messed up.

  • Dunn says:

    Been using this phone for 5 months. Actually the phone is not that good but most of it’s specs are ok. I’ve experienced the lags that you were talking about and it really annoys me. But the camera has no problem since it’s clear. Some games run smooth but games like Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers lags.. Worst downside is that you cannot move app data to SD Card that’s why you use much of the Phone Storage.

  • HAMID says:


  • reyhan says:

    I m not a supporter of any brand.i was using lumia 520 for last one year and now changed to core duos, the phone is over heating means unbearable just 20 min on call or 20 min on browsing it will start heating. 520 s touch is far better than core 2. Internet brosing speed is slow i checked with same sim on both phones.front cam is is good.double tap for calling is anothr drwback.showing previous callers no during incoming and outgoing aftr using for 2 days im fed up with dis phone total loss of other phone for last one year samsung s4 im happy with that but i paid 27k @ tat time dis one 7600 i paid total loss of money

  • Helen says:

    Thanks in favor oof sharing such a good thinking,
    paragraph is nice, thats why i have read it entirely

  • yukta garg says:

    My galaxy core i8262 doesnt have sensor lights of apps like whatsap and facebook. The battery dies early. Camera quality isn’t upto the mark.

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