Dual Sim Dual Active Smartphones- Dual SIM Android Phones

Now a days most of the customers prefer buying a smartphone with a Dual Sim feature. I am sure that after buying a dual sim phone you must be annoyed at times as the feature is not as per your expectations. You needed a Dual Sim Dual Active phone. We have selected some of the best smartphones available in this cadre.

There are two types of dual sim smartphones. One is the Dual Sim Standby type and another is the dual sim dual active type. Majority of the smartphones are Dual Sim Standby type. In this type you have to do a call forwarding from one sim to another.

In Dual Sim Dual Active smartphones, both the SIMs are active at all the time. So while talking to your friend from one SIM, you can still get messages and calls from the other sim during the call. In this case you can put a call on hold and you can attend the call which has arrived from the different SIM.

The Dual Active phones have two separate Transceivers and in some smartphones there is different processor cores for the SIMs. This does lead to more power consumption. So a larger battery capacity is essential for such smartphones.

The customer does like the Dual Active smartphones, but they are a very few in the market. So let us have a look at the Dual SIM Active smartphones available in the market.

Dual SIM Dual Active Smartphones

HTC Desire 500

HTC Desire 500

If you are looking for a Dual Sim dual active phone with good sound quality then this smartphone can be your choice. The Beats audio is what people like the most from this smartphone. HTC BlinkFeed and the Sense UI is what makes it a different smartphone.

HTC Desire 500 Features

  • 4.3-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Android OS
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 Quad Core Processor
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 1.6 MP Secondary Camera
  • HD Recording
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) Dual Active

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos

The smartphone has a Touchwiz UI from Samsung. Well the performance of this smartphone was a very big question. People were not able to browse internet with ease. Lagging is like an in-built feature of this smartphone.

But it is a dual sim dual active smartphone. It will be a difficult task for the buyers to buy this smartphone as it is not available online. A second hand smartphone will be available for sure.

 Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos  Features

  • 3.5-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
  • Smart Dual Active SIM (GSM + GSM)
  • 832 MHz Processor
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • FM Radio

HTC Desire 501

HTC desire 501

This smartphone supports Micro SIM. It is one of the phone with a good build quality. The phone is a bit bulky though. It is surely a overpriced smartphone from HTC.

 HTC Desire 501 Features

  • 4.3 inch Capacitive Display
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • 8 GB Internal, expandable upto 32 GB
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • 2.1 MP front Camera
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • HD Recording
  • Dual Sim Dual Active

Sony Xperia M Dual

Sony Xperia M Dual

The device supports NFC connectivity. So if you are brand specific and you like Sony, then this smartphone is a very good option for you in the mid budget range. A dual sim dual active smartphone from Sony might be a decent deal for you.

Sony Xperia M Dual Features

  • 4-inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • Dual Sim Dual Active (GSM + GSM)
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • 5 MP Primary Camera
  • 0.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • HD Recording
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • NFC Support

HTC Desire 700

HTC Desire 700

It is one of the costliest HTC Dual Active SIM smartphone. The UI of this smartphone is what people like the most. Still we think that this smartphone is too costly for what the features it is providing.

HTC Desire 700 Features

  • 5-inch Touchscreen
  • Android OS
  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2.1 MP Secondary Camera
  • Full HD Recording
  • Dual Active SIM (CDMA + GSM)
  • Wi-Fi Enabled

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

Another smartphone from Sony in this list. It is a premium device from Sony which is dual sim dual active. The phone is having the largest screen size among the lot. So if you are looking for a smartphone with big size then this smartphone will serve your purpose.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Features

  • 6-inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8928 Quad Core Processor
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 13 MP Primary Camera
  • MP Secondary Camera
  • Full HD Recording

We researched a lot for picking out this list of devices. It is very important for a lot of customers to buy devices which are dual sim and dual active. We hope that it will help in your decision making. Till then stay tuned on MobileJury.


  • Ajay says:

    How is Micromax Canvas A1? When will i get the review on your website???

  • Chiko says:

    HTC never fails! 🙂

  • Raghu says:

    Does this list mean without call forwarding option set in the phone, call will be received if SIM1 is on a call and someone calls on SIM2?

    If yes, can both calls be conferenced?

    • jayvee says:

      other than samsung c3212 and one next series of 2011-12 none has that real time dual active tech. i.e. when sim 1 is busy, sim 2 will receive calls .. no call forwarding business.. you can combine calls and make conference..

      • Bruno says:

        Hello, im looking for a real dual sim active phone, you mentioned the one next series, whats the exact name and model ? or if there are any other available now. thanks a lot.

  • YatZeck says:

    S6802 is not a Dual SIM Full Active. It only uses call forwarding, so let’s stay far away from this device.

  • prashant says:

    Samsung 3212 is both sim active device and others having a feature called smart sim .it forward the calls alternate sims.actually all manufacturers are doing fraud with customers .custumOrs pay for dual sim mobile and they push single sim mobile while second sim is parking position its useless while one sim is in use.

  • vinu says:

    I need a smartphone in samsung with the options like 4g enabled
    dual sim with dual active
    20mp primary camera
    5mp secondary camera
    5000 mah battery
    solar light up charger
    1 month of standby time
    48hrs of continuos usage
    price range should be around 65000
    Lcd clarity should be more than galaxy note n note 2 phones

  • michael says:

    A lot of the phones that you listed above are not dual active but dual standby according to gsmarena.

  • heryts says:

    True dual sim active is htc one m7 dual, simple test it you can call your sim 2 number via sim 1 number or vice versa and you can receive it

    • joseph says:

      Hi Hertys,

      Could you please explain in detail if HTC one M7 dual is really dual active phone?

      which means if you are talking to someone on SIM1 and if someone called DAVID is calling you on SIM2, you should receive the call on SIM2 and DAVID should hear the ringing tone NOT THE WAITING TONE.

      Could you please confirm the above scenario is working?

  • milan says:

    Micromax YU rekha support dual active phone or not give me answer email please sir

  • Tapan Patel says:

    please suggest best dual sim active mobile in india under Rs. 10,000/-

  • Raju says:

    Pls tell me dual sim dual active mobile models in India pls


    i want to buy dual sim dual active android phone with best configuration & budget is upto 30k.
    please suggest me the best dual active gsm gsm mobile..

  • Sree says:

    Lg p520 is real dual active phone but is discontinued n not available in market.
    Another important info everybody missing in dual active phones are u can receive calls on both the sims at a time. But when we are making calls we need to choose from which sim to be used. However in lgp520 u dibt need to if number is stored in sim1 calls goes via sim1 unless u change it.
    Can anybody suggest such feature dual active phone as lg p520 discontinued am looking to buy.

  • Johnson says:

    Please suggest best dual sim active mobile in india price Rs. 20000 to 30000/-

  • Johnson says:

    Please suggest best 4G with dual sim active mobile in india price Rs. 20000 to 30000/-

  • venkat says:

    honor 6dual l12 is dual active am using

  • Gourav says:

    Could anyone suggest android real time DSA( Dual sim Dual Active) phone which can be bought directly without testing.

  • Ra says:

    Hi, Asus Zenfone ZE550ML & 551ML model phones with 2GB or 4GB RAM, 32GB internal memory varients. Both are dual active sim phones. You will get second call as waiting, you can hold the 1st sim call & attend 2nd sim call and then reattend 1st sim call , best Dual SIM dual Active Mobile present Indian Market.

  • Maha says:

    T2 ultra is a dual standby sim not dua active

  • NIHAR says:

    Does Moto g 3 support this feature? Or any phone which is selling now a days.

  • NIHAR says:

    Does Moto g 3 support this feature? Does any phone which is selling now a days?

  • Mr Harish bondade says:

    Hey I want a smart phone which has dual active one has 3 or 4g with 3gb ram back up also good any company preferable like honour HTC samsung Asus lenovo etc but good decent one with the price below 15 to 20 k possible which one pls suggest

  • Mr Harish bondade says:

    Good one

  • Jay Jadhav says:

    Lenovo Vibe X2, hTC Desire 600 as well!!

  • Harish Bondade says:

    I want dual sim active mobile any brand or company but it must work because company people’s are making fraud to customers so pls anyone suggest to me the brand names & model number clearly pls

  • Harish Bondade says:

    Dual active sim

  • Dan DaMann says:

    I need a dual sim full active that supports 1 gsm sim and 1 cdma sim and LTE on both. What are my options?

  • Tejas says:

    I am using HTC desire 501, it is dual SIM dual active. I want to buy new android handset which should be Dual SIM Dual Active. The handset should have below features.
    2/3/4 GB Ram
    16/32 GB Memory
    Good Battery.
    Please suggest latest Dual SIM Dual Active.

  • MP says:

    Any Dual Active Sim models available in India in the price range of Rs.20,000/- to Rs.25,000/-?
    Very confusing ; as no sales person is able to give a clear cut answer.

    I am using Asus Zenfone 2 which is a very good Dual Active sim. Now looking for another phone with Dual Active sim.

    Is HTC Desire 10 pro Dual active?

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