Love Your Privacy? Here is How You Can Stop Google from Spying on You

Google is one of the most used websites. If you want to search anything, you head over to Google. Do you know that Google knows a lot of things about you. They know what all you are looking for, your interests, age and everything which you are looking online. Do you feel safe to share all the details, even your location with Google? Are you ready to know how to stop Google from spying on you?

How to stop Google

You will be surprised to know what all information of yours gets tracked by Google. At the end of this article you will not only know what Google is tracking, but the ways to make Google avoid doing it. This way you can enjoy your Web search more effectively. Let us have a look at what all are the methods of avoiding Google from tracking.


Delete Location History

If you are using Google Maps from your Android smartphone then your Location is tracked by Google. As Google Maps is one of the best navigational maps so lots of users like to share their information. But you can turn it off so that Google cannot track your location further. By default Google keeps ON this tracking of the user.

For Android users, if you want to turn it off then you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to options and access Settings
  2. Select the Google Location Settings
  3. In the Location services, select Google Location Reporting
  4. You should now toggle it OFF
  5. Go Back and select Location History and turn in OFF

This setting is already available on the devices having Android 4.1 and higher. Surprisingly this setting is not available on Nexus devices which are running on Android 4.4. By this way you can stop Google from tracking your location.


Disable Tracking

After signing in to any service or product of Google it tracks you wherever you go. Even it knows which websites you visited and what all are you looking for. This is a very crucial data for many of the users. The worst part is that Google does not take any permission of the user, they by default track everything.

So to stop this, there is a simple procedure, which will help you to protect your privacy.

  1. Visit Google`s Advertisement Settings, sign in.
  2. This page has all the details as in estimation of your gender, age, your interests and language you speak. Scroll Down and click on Opt-out settings and do click Opt-out from both the columns. One it is done you can see that the data shown above will be replaced by N/A
  3. After this it is time to remove the Google`s advertising cookie which is still tracking you. Go to Google`s Advertising Cookie Opt-out Page then click on Download the opt-out plugin. This plugin is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

As soon as you download and activate this plugin then your tracking of browsing activity will be stopped.

How to stop Google


Disable the Search History

You tend to do a lot of searches on Google. So even you are watching Youtube videos, as it is a product of Google they know your interests and have your search history. This helps the company to get a lot of data about you. There is a way for disabling the search history. Here is the method:

  1. Visit Google`s Account History Page
  2. As soon as you access the page you will see that there are four major sections. These include whatever you have searched, the places you visited, your YouTube search history and the data of whatever you watched on youtube.
  3. There is a Pause button next to each of these sections. Click on it to stop Google storing your personal data.
  4. If you want to remove this data which Google has recorded previously, click on Manage History.
  5. Click on “Remove items” to delete the history

How to stop Google

Disable any Shared Endorsements

Do you know that your activity on Google+ might be used by Google to make it Public next to the advertisements. So if any of your friends +1 any of the app in the Google Play store, their name will appear first when you open the app from the store. This means that your name might also appear to not only your friends but to random people as your endorsement.

If you do not want to endorse any products or services in the ads then you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google`s shared endorsements settings page & sign in
  2. Scroll down and uncheck the box which says that “Google may show my name & profile photo in shared endorsements which appear in the ads”
  3. Click on Save button


Don’t use Google!

You must be laughing in your mind and saying, “Are you kidding?” This is the best possible way, you can stay secure and not share any of your personal data with Google. I meant to say all the Google Products too like Gmail, Youtube, Google+, etc. I know it might be difficult for you to do so, but there are a lot of alternative search engines which you can use for your search needs(eg.DuckDuckGo).

How to stop Google

Even if you do the above steps, you are enjoying the Google services in a much secure way and not sharing your search and location data. Let us know your opinions in the comments below if you have any thoughts and opinions regarding the same.


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