Matte Vs. Glossy Screen Protector: Which is Best for you?

We use our smartphones all the day. The mere thought of parting from one’s smartphone can give goosebumps to many. We use it so much that most of us have fallen in love with our current smartphone. We try to take good care of it. Some do that by installing anti-virus apps, while the others like do that by keeping it snappy and clean. All goes fine until we hit a roadblock while selecting a type of screen protector to install on its large gorgeous display. Is it matte-finish screen guard, or the glossy scratch guard? Both will keep your display scratch free, but you should choose wisely. Matte(anti-glare) and glossy(shiny) not only differ in their overall finish, but can significantly change the user experience.

Matte Vs. Glossy Screen Protector: Effects on User Experience


Indoors- Both types of screen protectors, matte as well as glossy finish make for a good indoor (controlled lighting) reading experience.

Outdoors- In bright outdoors, i.e. during the day, the anti-glare screen guards have an edge over the glossy screenguards as they reflect very little light. The glossy screen guards can be used in bright outdoors, but only after cranking up the brightness level which in turn will drain your battery quickly.

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Vividness & Sharpness

Matte finish screenguards excel at outdoor use but they will not be a good fit for you if watch a lot of movies, and browse image heavy websites. The anti-glare finish transmits less than light than the glossy finish, and hence affects the color gamut and sharpness slightly. We would advice that you try a matte finish scratch first and then buy it. It might be a dealbreaker for some.

On the contrary, the glossy screen guards suffer from no such issue and offer the best image viewing.

Fingerprints and Smudges

The glossy scratch guards can get covered up with dust and oil in no time and thus spoil the user experience. You need to clean these screen protectors as often as you can to maintain a good viewing.

The smudging effect is not much visible on matte finish screen guards. Some people feel that anti-glare screen guards are smoother on the surface than glossy scratch protectors and hence improve the touch-input.

To sum it up, we would recommend that you choose the type of screen protector based on your usage and requirements.

Choose Matte screen protector if you: 1. Stay outdoors for most of the time. 2. Can’t clean the screen protector frequently. 3. Prefer readability over image quality.

Go for the Glossy screen guard if you: 1. Work Indoors. 2. Are a smartphone photographer, or a movie buff. 3. Prefer image quality over outdoor use.

Select the perfect screen-guard for your phone

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    Hi Sanand. Very helpful and insightful article. Thanks

  • Ajay Ghale says:

    Thank you for this well thought article. I have been having an internal dilemma about which type of screen protector to use but with your writing I now know which one to use.

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