Mobile phones and their impact on human life. Have they become a necessary evil?

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them at all the places. I mean literally. People use their smartphones even when they go outside to hangout with their friends.

Hell, some of them even use their phones when they go out with only one purpose in mind- Socialize with the fellow humans.

Cell Phones

It all started with big and heavy phones which could be used only exchanging text messages and voice calls. Owing a mobile phone at that time was a status symbol. With the advent of time, technology evolved and the manufacturing processes became cheaper and cheaper. As a result of this, the mobile phones penetrated the lives of commoners.

More and more people started to use the camera mobile phones and now, almost everyone has a phone that supports good internet (2.75G, 3G and HSPA+) connectivity, in-built browser and a multi-media player.

Many people find it almost impossible to lead their daily lives without a smartphone. They do not want to remember birthday of their spouses and closed ones. Let alone someone’s contact number. Leaving these disadvantages of mobile phones aside, there are really helpful functions which the latest phones are capable of performing.
For e.g.- You can now share your location with the family and also let them know in any case of emergency. All of this can be done only by pressing a few buttons.

Check out this infographic on how mobile phones have entered our lives and became its inseparable part.

Advantages and Disadvantages of mobile phones_MobileJury


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