10.7 million smartphones sold by Sony in last quarter

Financial report of last quarter has been released by Sony. They seem to have done a lot of improvement compared to the earlier quarters. The smartphone sales have been improved a lot. But there is a decline of the computer sales. That was the major reason for Sony to sell of their PC business.

smartphones sold by sony

10.7 million smartphones sold by Sony

Yes they did sold these many smartphones in the last quarter. The average selling price of the sony xperia smartphones also got raised. The smartphone business did so well that they resulted 44.8 % increase in sales in this division. The sales rose up to $4.34 Billion.

But still they suffered a net loss of $120 million in smartphone business which includes the $78 million impairment charges for the PC business. Sony estimates to sell under 10 million smartphones in the last quarter.

Well Sony`s game and Television sections performed great and they were the main reason to bring in greater revenue. The Playstation 4 and the 4k Television sets from sony are performing well in the market. We wish all the success for Sony`s endeavors in the coming months.


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