Apple iPhone 6 camera rumoured to have 8MP resolution

Upcoming flagship phone from Apple is yet to come and rumours have already started. According to the previous rumour Apple iPhone 6 camera will be of 10MP with faster aperture of F/1.8. But this new rumour tells us that Apple iPhone 6 camera will retain the 8MP resolution.

Apple iPhone 6 camera

Apple iPhone 6 camera

As per the sources, Apple will not be interested to increasing the MP count. But they will focus on the improvement of the image quality and lens system. Swappable resin lenses might be used for the Apple iPhone 6 camera. Optical image stabilization will be the key feature of this camera.

On the other hand Sony has a 65.7% share in the market for 13+ MP sensors. We think that Apple might make a strong decision and focus on the quality rather than increasing the Megapixel count. We will let you know as we get any official confirmation on this rumour. Till then stay tuned on MobileJury.


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