Apple iPhone 6 front panel rumoured photo leaked

Its just a few days after MWC 2014 and the rumours have started to spread. This rumour is about Apple iPhone 6. An allegedly leaked photo of the front panel surfaces is leaked by the French portal. Let us have a look at this photo.

 Apple iPhone 6 front panel

Apple iPhone 6 front panel rumoured leaked photo

These kind of rumours will keep the iOS fans always excited. The leaked panel seems to have very slim bezels. We cannot even see bezel on the side too. I don`t think that this leaked photo of the panel is the real deal. Some of the experts tried to calculate the screen size from this photo.

The screen size which they calculated was just 4.3 inch which is way below of what we were expecting(4.5-5inch). These must some kind of prototypes on which Apple is working with. But I do think that these panels might be fake. Just to make the buzz.


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