Google Project Ara component swapping showcased – Video

Innovation at its best in mobile phones. Google Project Ara is going on in full swing. They are doing a lot of research and developing a great smartphone with many customization options to the users. The developer conference is coming up on 15th-16th April, 2014.

Google Project Ara

Google Project Ara Component swapping

The latest buzz is about a video where in one of the member Paul Eremenko of the Project Ara team, showcased some of the great features of the modular phone. He also demoed how the swapping of components work. The 25 minute talk is all about this on going project.

The project ara phone will come up in 3 different sizes. Mini (4 inch), Medium(just below 5inch) & larger(phablets). Google is focusing on making the Ara smartphone as less priced as possible. The Endoskeleton will be priced for just $50.

Although Google will try to make the base of the modular phone for $15 per unit. Google is going to change the hardware industry of mobile phones altogether. This is a very good innovation and you can customize your smartphone as per your need.

Google Ara stores will be launched for its different modules. Google wants many other developers and retailers to be using this smartphone as well. You can watch the 25 minute Project Ara Talk video. Kindly jump to the 5:00 minute mark to watch the actual conversation.


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