Google Project Ara Smartphone will be priced for $50

There is an on going project named Project Ara smartphone run by Google. The smartphone is believed to be arriving to the markets in early 2015. The price of this module will be just $50. Google had retained the team which was working for this project after google sold motorola to Lenovo.

Google Project Ara

Google Project Ara smartphone

In an affordable price of only $50 a consumer will get the basic setup of the device. The basic setup includes Wi-Fi and no cellular connection. It is said that the additional modules will cost extra to the buyer. Multiple models might be available of this device whenever it will get launched.

ATAP(Advanced Technology and Projects) Team of Google said many things in an interview with Time. They said that Project Ara will be launched in 3 different sizes. These will include a pocket friendly device to a smartphone phablet. The proper specifications and exact sizes of the devices is not yet revealed.

It seems that the prototype is being developed by Google. Still to manufacture project ara smartphone they will have to outsource the work to a mobile manufacturer. Well the name is not yet revealed. We will keep an eye on the progress of this project. Till then stay tuned on MobileJury.



  • sree says:

    This reminds me of a hot balloon Wi-Fi project of google.wonder what happened to it?

    • Anand Karwa says:

      The project loon was met with criticism in Kenya and many other places. It aims to provide 3G internet to remote and rural areas. How many poor people you think can afford 3G phones/data cards? The project is not completely dead yet but they seem to be testing it in other countries.

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