Microsoft and GOQii Offers Fitness Bands with Lumia’s

23rd December 2014, Mumbai: Active Fitness is a Fitness. For the need of innovative technology for fitness conscious people and also to track and maintain the daily regime, Microsoft and GOQii Inc. launched a GOQii Band at an event in Mumbai. The band comes with a purchase of Microsoft Lumia 830, 930 and 1320 from the company branded retail stores in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad with a 3 months of personal training (personal coach) subscription worth INR 3999/- FREE.

Mr Navdeep Manaktala, Head Developer Experience, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd. (A subsidiary of Microsoft Mobile Oy) in a collaboration with Mr. Vishal Gondal (Vishy), CEO & Founder of GOQii Inc. Launched the product yesterday.

Vishy and Mr. Manaktala -Microsoft and GOQii gives Fitness bands with Lumia phones

Vishy and Mr. Manaktala -Microsoft and GOQii gives Fitness bands with Lumia phones

GOQii Band:

The GOQii band comes with a combination of fitness tracker, personal coaches, world’s leading experts and your karma which quantifies your activities. The band is connected via Bluetooth with the mobile app.  The GOQii band is an advanced fitness tracker which works in conjunction with the native GOQii app on all Lumia devices.

Specifications of GOQii Band

  • Touch Screen OLED Display
  • Power Pack Up to 4-5 days on a single charge
  • 360° Motion Sensor measuring activity and sleep quality
  • Custom designed Vibra Humm vibration to wake you up at your desired time and to remind you to be active.
  • ­Remote HI5, featuring a HI5 from your coach when you are doing exceedingly well
  • Sweat Proof and water Resistant
  • Earn Karma points on meeting your daily goals.
Microsoft and GOQii gives Fitness bands with Lumia phones (4)

GOQii Fitness bands

The GOQii bands with 3 different subscription plans

  • 3 months subscription plan worth INR 3999/-
  • 6 months subscription plan worth INR 6999/-
  • 12 months subscription plan worth INR 12999/-

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Manaktala said-

“The app will let users interact, track and get feedback on all major parameters of their health and wellness. It also integrates the ‘human factor’ via a personal coach, that works with the users data to provide customized advice on a regular basis keeping the users motivated and on track to success by goal reinforcement.”

The coach works with the user to help and guide him/her in interpreting and analysing data collected via the GOQii app and band. The coach also interacts with users via the app followed by monthly calls to review one’s progress and set new goals, in addition to providing guidance on daily exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle change.

In today’s fast paced world, people deal with stress on a daily basis. And to deal with it staying fit is a must and hence this tie-up with GOQii will cater to the end-to-end lifestyle needs of the consumer. The app works on all Windows Phone 8.1 devices, is free, and is available for download from the Windows Phone Store HERE. The app is also available on Android version above 4.3 and iOS.


This article is written by Sahil Shah & edited by Mitesh Sonigra.

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  • Viral Sonigra says:

    Grt gadget I think…..
    Would really help health conscious people to keep it healthy and the personalised coaching with it, I think dats just awesome…

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