Panasonic will continue selling phones in India, and 4.2 updates confirmed across the board

Panasonic recently announced that it was shutting down its mobile business in Japan. Thanks to this looming news, many Indian consumers were waiting to know if they will stop selling in India too.

Luckily we have confirmed through our sources that nothing of this sort is going to happen.

Panasonic is very much alive and will continue selling and launching new phones in India. This is good news given the interest consumers have shown in their recently reviewed phones P11 & T11.

Also we have an exclusive scoop for all mobilejury readers.

We have also received reliable information that all the three phones, P11, T11 and P51 will be getting android 4.2 updates.

Though the timeline is not known, this is some really good news. The local manufacturers at these price points do not even bother about updates. This shows Panasonic is serious about the market.

Well done Panasonic!

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