Priyanka Chopra joins Swipe for their campaign- Live Your Faith

Mumbai: Swipe’s greater purpose is to make technology accessible to a wide range of Indians consumers. Swipe is all-set to launch a 360 marketing campaign called “Live your faith” featuring our favorite, International Pop star “Priyanka Chopra” as a brand ambassador.

The campaign will have multiple forms and will have a presence on all marketing mediums- traditional as well as non-traditional. Outdoor advertising & print advertising is playing a lead role by marketing this campaign where the budget of $3million is allotted for the two.

Image - PC & LYF

The campaign has started from Mumbai & it is all on set to roll on across country. On roll-out of the campaign, Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO of swipe technologies said:

“Our intent is to become India’s First Social Brand as we believe in combining the potential of human race with technology, making it human-tech. “Live your faith” is in a way a reflection of this mindset. We redesigned the website, introduced a new packaging language and created internal and external communication campaign. Faith is a common attribute, be it a new product development, entering new segments , forging partnerships or exploring new markets.  It has a very strong consumer connect “.

Another feature that connects the brand Swipe with Priyanka is her never-say-die attitude and her progressive outlook in every endeavour of her journey. According to Gandhi, both – Priyanka Chopra’s journey and the transformation / evolution of the brand Swipe– establish how living one’s faith is the surest way to fulfilling one’s dreams.

Ms Priyanka Chopra said

“Having faith in yourself and your abilities is your ticket to achieving the impossible.  It is how I have lived my life and today I can attribute a huge part of my success to this thinking.  I have seen a similar attitude with the team at Swipe, which is why I am excited to be a part of the “LiveYourFaith” campaign.   To me Swipe is a dynamic, young brand that also lives this mantra, channeling that faith and belief into breaking new boundaries everyday.  It’s also something that I believe will resonate with young India; supporting them with technology that will assist them as they chase their dreams.  It’s a very real and synergistic association overall..”

Apart from the campaign, swipe would also capture stories of people from across the country who’ve lived their faith in its true spirit. These stories would be a part of Swipe’s Digital Campaign and find place on Swipe’s website and social media pages.

Swipe’s focus is on the youth of India, especially the unsung heroes of everyday life, doing kind gestures just to benefit someone else.

Tricycle Studios LLP has partnered with Swipe to execute this campaign for Swipe. Yuvraaj Oberoi, CEO of Tricycle, said “We at Tricycle are excited to partner Swipe and create a distinct identity for the brand, “Live your faith” takes a human approach to tech communication and I am sure it will connect well with our customers”.

In conclusion, Mr Gandhi said,

“On a broader level, our #LYF campaign aims to communicate our desire of making a much bigger impact which is a much higher-order purpose of Inspiring people to #LiveTheirFaith. Technology that does not touch people in their day-to-day life is not human-tech.”


This story was covered by Sneha Sonawane.

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