Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot Leaked – Flat circular icons

The Unpacked 5 event is approaching and we will now experience a lot of news from the Samsung Galaxy S5. Now after the leaked specs of S5, we have leaked screenshot of this upcoming phone from Samsung. It does look very interesting.

Samsung galaxy S5 screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot leaked

This screenshot first appeared on a French website and is getting viral. There are some aspects, by which you will never forget this image. We can see flat circular icons in the User Interface. This is very new and annoying for Samsung Galaxy Users.

Now the phone will have such round icons, and these do look dull. The appearance of the UI seems to be lot more ugly. After seeing this UI I remember the UI of Nokia Asha series. It does look similar. This is a real image as we can see the same icons in the promotion image of the unpacked event.

unpacked 5

We do believe that Samsung may just have screwed up in the looks of UI. It may look very new and most of the people will not like it. So it  is a big alarm for the upcoming buyers of Galaxy S5. Stay tuned on MobileJury for more such interesting news.


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