Sony SmartWatch 3 available on Play Store at $250

A very novel and smart buddy to tag along with you all the time. Don’t want to carry your phone in your pocket constantly? Just wear a smart watch!

SONY introduces it s new Sony SmartWatch 3 available from Play Store. It is basically a short cut to many basic and most used functions of your phone. Just wear on your wrist and use the functions of your phone without actually using it with your hands.

Sony SmartWatch 3 launched

Sony SmartWatch 3 launched

This is an overview of what you can do with this smart watch.

1) WEATHER: You can get minute to minute updates about the weather. Not something us Mumbaikars will benefit much from.

2) INSTANT SEARCH: Ever wondering if you could talk to your technology and tell it its work? Yes you can now. Just speak to your smart watch and let it know what you want. Example?

Say, “ Find me the nearest bus stop”

The smartwatch gets to work, coordinates with your phone and BAAM! There you are at the nearest bus stop.

3) NOTIFICATIONS: Everybody is bored of constantly checking their phones for messages. With the smart watch you can just glimpse at your wrist and surf your messages as and when you get them. Choose what is important enough to actually make the effort of removing your phone. Sounds handy doesn’t it?

4) REMINDERS: And of course for the absent minded human SONY smart watch will alert you and remind you on your events and schedules as and when you program these events into your phone’s calendar.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Smartwatch 3 works on Android v4.3 and above devices. It is water protected so you don’t have to worry about that. It has a 1.2 Ghz processor and 512 MB RAM. It is available is four colours to suit everyone’s needs.

There isn’t any news about the areas of launch but we do know that it is priced at $249.99. This seems like a very unnecessary luxury but once you get used to the ease and comfort of this, you will not live without it.

Via: Google Play Store

Image Source: Sony Mobiles

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