Your contacts can be targeted by this mobile trojan

Mobile users are growing and so the mobile cybercrimes. This has been for the first time where mobile Trojan is spread using botnets. These activities are done by criminal groups as per the statement of Kaspersky Lab.

The ‘Obad.a’ Trojan which is a malicious app for Android is been investigated by analysts since last 3 months. The people who created this Trojan have now used a new technique to spread their malware. This is an interesting statistics where 83% of the infections caused by Obad.a are recorded in Russia. This Trojan is also detected in mobile devices in Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakstan.


This malicious Trojan Obad.a spreads in a very interesting manner. There are versions of this Trojan like Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Opfake.a. Lets see how this Trojan reaches and harms the victim. A text message is sent to the victim with a link. The victim is urged to click on the link. If the victim click on the link this Trojan Opfake.a gets downloaded on the tablet or smartphone.

To be secure, you should not click on the links of the text messages received to you. If you think that there is anything malicious in the text message never click on the link. If accidentally you click on the link, the Trojan gets downloaded. If you install the Trojan then it starts sending text messages to all the contacts of the victim with a link to download the Trojan Obad.a.

This is a very dangerous Trojan as it not only infects the victim`s device but keeps distributing it to all the contacts of the victim. These mobile botnets can increase exponentially. This Trojan is also distributed using spam messages. The best example is a message of unpaid debts and you are tempted to check the debts. The victim unfortunately clicks on the link and the Trojan does its work. But after downloading if you don`t install the Trojan then you can be safe.

According to the expert in Kaspersky lab, the information about this Trojan had sent to Google. They have solved the issue for Android 4.3 devices. But still there are many devices in the market which are running on older versions of Android and this Trojan can be a threat for them.

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