HTC will pay Nokia, both sign a patent collaboration agreement

So finally Nokia and HTC have settled the pending patent litigation between them. Both the companies have signed a patent and technology collaboration agreement. HTC will make payments to Nokia. Also HTC`s LTE patent portfolio will strengthen Nokia`s licensing offering.

HTC will pay Nokia

HTC will pay Nokia

Yes, the deal will be beneficial for both the mobile manufacturers. The companies will surely explore more collaboration opportunities. Well the exact details of the agreement is confidential. The exact amount to be paid by HTC to Nokia is also kept confidential.

Both the parties are very pleased and happy to make the patent collaboration. Paul Melin (chief intellectual Officer at Nokia) says that he is happy that both the parties have reached a settlement. After this collaboration deal, it will help them focus on more licensing opportunities.

Well on the other hand, Grace Lei(Gneral Counsel of HTC) praised Nokia by saying that Nokia has one of the prominent patent portfolios in the industry. It seems that both the companies have settled the patent litigation and have made a strong patent collaboration. Stay tuned on MJ to get the latest News!


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