Nokia 215: 3G Classic Phone which brings back memories

Nokia released their latest classic phone called Nokia 215. It resembles the usual classic design which does bring memories of the past to the days when Nokia used to release their classic phones which drove people crazy!

But the features in this phone are quite neat.
The Nokia 215 has 3G capabilities and Nokia wants the user to have a good Internet experience with Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Bing Search, MSN Weather and the Opera Mini Browser coming installed.
With a price tag of $29 (approx. Rs. 1800/-)



It is a good deal for a backup phone especially considering it’s phenomenal battery life. It can also be a good phone for Senior Citizens or others who prefer usual T9 or Classic Phones.
It also has other features like the Built in Torch which can come very handy.

Nokia is launching this phone in various bright colours. It comes in bright green, white, and black. The polycarbonate shell keeps its color if scratched and the soft rubber keys are easy to use. Looking at the phone indeed brings back memories of the past.

It will be coming soon to the Indian Markets too.

This news article was written and covered by Samuel Thomas.

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