Nokia X platform will run 75% of all Android apps without any change in code

Nokia X Series, the first batch of android phones from Nokia is now official and the Finnish giant is now focussing on getting more developers to code apps for its Nokia X platform.

Nokia X phones run on Nokia X platform which is a custom OS built upon Android 4.1.2 JB. Nokia removed Google services like push notifications, maps, in-app payments etc. and integrated their own services instead.

Nokia X platform

Dedicated SDK and Porting tools are provided by Nokia to app incompatible apps compatible with Nokia X platform. According to Nokia, it will require around 8 hours of effort to make those incompatible apps work with the X platform based on AOSP.

You can also check app compatibility by dragging your .apk file to the App Analyzer box.


We gave Porting a shot and here is the demo:

The test app (appSaver.apk ) is used only for demonstration purposes. We have no connection with either the app or its developers.


Porting compatible apps to Nokia X platform is very easy. If you are an app developer then we advise you to port your app to Nokia Store asap for gaining more exposure and revenue..


Source: Nokia Dev



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